A Simple Message for all Trump Supporters

Lets see now, Electoral Votes Count, 2020 Presidential Election is as follows according to Associated Press- Biden 290. Trump 214.

Simple Math Test folks, the threshold is 270 to become President. Now, Biden is above 270 by 20 votes, he wins period.

In Order for Trump to win he first has to reach 270 electoral votes. He is sitting at 214 now, takes another 56 to reach 270 for him, where does he get them, he doesn’t. He knows the math like the rest of us, Trump just refuses to admit defeat folks, he knows he has to go and he lost.

Now he wants to go to court and try to get his Supreme Court Justices, he Nominated, to overturn the election results, won’ happen folks. No Precedent for such action number one, Number two, you don’t just file with the Supreme Court as can be proven by Bush V Gore, you have to file through each state’s Supreme Courts first to be passed up to the Supreme Court. That alone will stop his court cases period, no court or Judge is going to disenfranchise millions of voters, because Trump thinks there was cheating, without positive proof of it and Trump has no proof of any cheating period, baseless claim here, a Few Hundred vote change will not save him.

Look, Donald Trump got Voted out of Office for a reason, matter of fact more than one reason. He divides people, He’s racist, a bigot, has zero accomplishments, and had enough time to do something constructive and never did, except for his tax bill, that helped his rich friends and himself.

America said enough is enough Donald Trump! Remember what you said Donald Trump, ” It Is What It Is!” Well there you have it in a nutshell, Donald Trump, “It Is What It Is”, You failed and are Voted out, Concede and Go Home!

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