As you said Donald J. Trump, ” It Is, What It Is!”

Small fact to for all to understand. America choose Joe Biden to be their next President and said no to a second Trump Term. Important are the number of not only the popular votes, but also the Electoral Votes.

Trump questions why the media gets to call the election, and call out the electoral votes, simply it’s been that way forever, they calculate and compare and they ensure they are right is why. I point out Trump did not question the media calling the election in 2016 when it was for him, but when he loses, he cries foul on the media, just childish and he is acting like a petulant child who was spoiled young and never grew up. He lost period, the math says it best folks. Biden 290, Trump 214.

Now as I said in my prior blog I wrote, the math does tell the story, period, and Trump will not be able to overturn or change it using the courts either. The Supreme Court won’t even hear the case unless there is positive proof of cheating and a way Trump can win, there is no way possible. The numbers tell the story and on top of that when you need 56 Electoral Votes to get to 270, and your opponent has 290, well, not enough there at all, left.

Now I know Trump Supporters are gonna back whatever Trump decides to do blindly as they followed him for his term. In the end his term as President is a disaster and the history books will not, paint it pretty either, for him. He has zero accomplishments, the coronavirus cases grew and continue to grow under his leadership, and so do the deaths.

He failed in North Korea with Kim Jung Un, he failed at The United Nations they laughed at him, he failed with all Leaders of other nations, He failed at the economy, he failed at jobs, what else is there for him to fail at, oh yes Health Care, he has no plan for it and practically killed ObamaCare. he even failed at building his wall, between us and Mexico and getting Mexico to pay for it. Sadly, his one accomplishment is his Tax Bill, he changed, that only benefited him and his rich cronies. That will be repealed and changed also.

History Books are written on Presidents, Donald J. Trump you do know that right. Long after you are out of office and die, History Books will tell the story of your fake hair, your vanity, your dishonesty, your lack of empathy or caring, your disrespect for the military and veterans, and more. They will tell of all your failures and the longer you refuse to concede and do a peaceful turnover of power and resist and fight in the courts, the worse your legacy, looks for all time.

I know Donald J. Trump, you reached the heights of the Presidency, but your time is over as is your era. Do yourself a favor Trump. leave graciously, leave with honor and dignity, leave as a man not acting like a petulant child who is spoiled and crying because he didn’t win. Children act this way and don’t accept the truth or facts and stomp their feet and cry and scream, not men, and specifically, not Presidents. Those who did not get a second term, in the past were smart enough to realize they must leave with honor and do it correctly. Will you, be man enough to do so?

The facts are the facts, the numbers are the numbers, no Judge will disenfranchise that many American Voters without hard proof and a way for you to win, presented to them. And As you said Donald J. Trump, ” It Is What It Is!”

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