CONCEDE Donald J. Trump, Stop and Think, What History Will Write and Portray About you!

November 10th, 2020, The Presidential Election is over in America, even though it’s current President, Donald Trump wants to act like a spoiled rotten kid who is petulant and stubborn, he still lost. In The end blocking the funding needed for Biden to start his Administration, and going around starting court cases without any grounds to them, is childish, foolish, idiotic and in the end an embarrassment to America and Americans everywhere, never mind how bad it looks to the rest of the world an dhow it affects our national image and security.

Donald J. Trump started out coming down an escalator calling Mexicans drugs dealers and murders, and he has never let up in his four years as President. He is racist, he is a bigot, a womanizer and a harasser and maybe even a rapist.

Donald J. Trump failed at being President period in my opinion. He failed with Coronavirus, over 237000 dead,and ten million now with the virus. He failed in North Korea also, as Kim Jung Un bested him and got his nuke missiles built anyway and a seat on the stage by making Trump come to him. He failed with Russia and stopping their interference in the American Elections, they still did it in 2020. He failed to build his wall on America’s southern border, and hung a sign saying he did so, but he didn’t finish it at all. He tried to take the money to build it from the US Military Folks, the courts said no, thats illegal, put it back.

He changed the Tax laws for himself and the rich not you or I, the Average American, just the rich and himself. Stop and think about all of this. Then tell me that Trump was good for America. He wreaked havoc on the world economy and America’s too. He never brought jobs back from overseas like he promised. He never produced a Health Care Plan for all Americans but he did kill ObamaCare for those on it. He doesn’t care for you or me or any American except himself, Donald J. Trump.

Never in American History, has an American President who lost re-election refused to acknowledge the fact he lost, or stopped the process of the New Administration starting the transition to power. Donald J. Trump is in his seventies folks, he was elected and put in office by his backers at the time, but did they realize he would be a problem for America, it’s status, position, security in the world, and act like a spoiled child stomping his feet and saying no, to the transition of power, to the Election winner who beat him? Did we know, if Donald J. Trump lost the election he would throw temper tantrums in the White House and fire key Secretaries from important positions like Secretary of Defense in anger and while pouting and crying? No we didn’t! We didn’t expect a man in his 70’s to be acting like a five year old child, in the White House!

The Election was November 3rd, 2020 Donald Trump the Results took till November 8th, to count and become official, they are now official, you lost, Joe Biden won!

Donald J. Trump, Concede, Be A Man, Leave Office with Honor and Pride, not crying and stomping and swearing and throwing things like a child! History will paint this picture, Donald J. Trump and how macho or strong do you think you will look as the President who wouldn’t concede as the President who refused to leave and hold a decent transition of power? It’s Your Legacy Donald J. Trump, do you want the History books, to paint this picture of you forever in the annals of America?

I know your Boys Donald Jr. and Eric say fight it, and Rudy too, but it is not their name in the History Books once this is over, it is yours. It is not them, who will be written up as the first President to act like child and be petulant and refuse to transition the Presidency, it is yours. What would your father says Donald, if he saw you acting this way and doing this? What are you doing to your Legacy and your families legacy too? If you care not for America, or our customs or way of doing things, you should at least care about your family, your legacy, and what those who survive you will have to put up with once you are gone! Let The Transition start, Let America move forward!

CONCEDE Donald J. Trump, Stop and Think, What History Will Write and Portray About you!

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