Tell President Donald J. Trump, he must do a proper transition and do it now!

As America moves forward, we are being held back by a President, who cares about nothing but himself folks! Donald J. Trump cares not what happens to America once he leaves office as President, so he is trying to say he won the election, when he lost it, period.

Trump beat Hillary Clinton by the same Margin the electoral college that he lost to Joe Biden by. That’s right folks, 306 to 232, and he lost the popular vote by over 5 million votes. Yet he is not man enough to stand up and act like an adult, accept the loss and move on and allow America to move forward as it has for 243 years, and move on to the next President of The United States in a proper transition. What doe sit mean for America, it means security risks, it means a lose in standing in the world order, being laughed at by other world leaders and an improper turnover of power in America. Here is the kicker folks, instead of being a man and accepting defeat, he is cowardly attempting to deny he lost the election. Now I remind you he beat Hillary Clinton by the same numbers in 2016’s election and she was a better person then he is and she conceded at 3 am the morning after the election. What does that say to you about Hillary Clinton vs, Donald J. Trump, easy folks, she was a better person and did what she did in conceding for the good of the Nation, The Government and the People, he won’t! Which tells me he is selfish, foolish, and he doesn’t care about democracy, the republic or the American People! It also tells me we have a 45th President of the United States that never grew up and is acting like a spoiled brat of a little boy, not a man!

While he denies President Elect Joe Biden the ability to have security briefings, and the money to move his team ahead to the Presidency, other nations are looking at it and going what is wrong with America and Donald J. Trump?

If for no other reason, then he should want his legacy not to be a cry baby, uncaring President who is selfish and doesn’t give a damn about the people of America or it’s way of life, Democracy and the fact we are a Republic. so what can be done if Trump doesn’t do a peaceful transition folks? If congress does not act to change what is happening they are also putting our nation, our safety at stake too. The Republican Party is not acting, because they are just scared of Donald J. Trump, they fear he will stay active in their party and his family will take it over. They also fear he will run again in 2024. If they allow any of this to keep going, and are stupid enough to allow Trump to keep control of their party, they are cowards and prove it each day that goes by. DOn Jr, and Eric and Ivanka are trying to take over control of The Republican Party if they succeed, more Trumps will run for the White House in The Future. Is that what the republicans want, to have to kowtow to the Trumps for four or more years? If so, it’s sorry!

America Tell Donald J, Trump to do a proper and peaceful transition! Tell Donald J. Trump he lost and must adhere to American Traditions and Processes and leave The White House Properly, turning it over to Joe Biden in the proper way. Tell Donald J. Trump, he lost folks, and he must leave properly or go down in History with the worse legacy of any President in American History!

Tell President Donald J. Trump he must do a proper transition and do it now!

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