It’s what people do when something goes wrong in real life, and it should apply to Second Life too!

Second Life is interesting in many ways. It contains sims built by its members that cover all kinds of subjects and styles and ways.

I have seen Star Trek in Second Life, Disney Worlds and characters, Racing tracks for cars and motorcycles too. Gaming sims and yes, Lifestyle sims. Each is unique in its own right, why because it is built by people with imaginations and for pleasure and personal fun. It is what Second life is all about folks, it is a place, many like myself like to escape to when real life allows us to or we need an escape. It can be a place to date, chat, learn, and so much more, the interactions between the members is always interesting, in many ways.

Now, I have been using Second Life for 14 years, come next month, I like the chats, the information, the ability to meet different people with different thoughts and ideas from around the world and seeing how they try to get along with one another or sometimes just don’t. I have never met anyone who would say they didn’t make some enemies in Second Life, or they have not met people they don’t like or agree with. It happens, for each of us who enter Second Life come from different social and regional and nationality and sexuality positions. No, two are exactly the same you see, so the interactions are what teach us how to handle people as we go along.

As I said before, I have met many people some who like me, for being me and some who hate me for being me, especially in Second Life. One thing I can say as an individual who uses Second Life, if there was ever a game, simulation or Virtual World that causes drama and emotions for many and sometimes, adverse emotions or at other times good emotions, it is Second Life.

People build their own little sims to hide in, others build sims to invite people to, for their own purposes and disguise them as different things, for different reasons. Some are for meet and greets, some for dating purposes, some for sexxual purposes, some for purposes of D/s and Bdsm and others for more.

I have been to many, seen many and evaluated many, of all kinds. I look at the builds, the work of the creator of the sims, the buildings and details they put in to them. Then I look into what they want the sim to be about, and their intentions in creating them. The things you may find in a virtual world are many, but the most interesting is the fact, they want to bring people in and have them there for their purposes mainly. few just invite people or allow people to look and play without worry. They set up rules for their little worlds, which is fine, unless they get to a point of too restrictive or too controlling ways. By too many rules, the owners of said sims lose people and then they start asking what’s wrong, when they should be listening to the members they have, more often. They forget it is not the build of the sim, or the reason it was built, or what they intended it for, it is the people in it that count, for without the people coming in, your sim will die out. You pay real money to keep your sim alive in Second Life by paying what they call tiers, which is basically the renting of the property cost. So someone owns the property on the Second Life Map and then rents it to others to make lindens. So in the end it becomes a business arrangement between the land owner and the club or group or sim builder, that must be paid for per month. So, there is a profit margin for the land owners on the map in Second Life.

Now recently, I was sent a prize example of the sim owners problems with keeping a sim going, and the sim owner is looking for answers, as to why he is losing people and people are not applying to join his little world or group so to say. But, when you have already been told why, and don’t listen, well then you deserve to go down, on your own. When you refuse to allow change, or don’t want to adopt to the modern ways or just have a broom up your ass and are too strict, well, you will lose. People grow, they change and even in a learning situation as some try to call their sims, training or a educational opportunity, the fact is if you don’t leave leeway for growth, different ideas and allowing people to be themselves well, you will lose them. People get bored and leave or angry and leave or look at the so called training programs and go this is old fashioned and too restrictive, then ask questions and bring it up on these sims, and the Owner then gets angry and dumps the people. By, dumping those who raise issues, problems or questions, the Owner is showing they can’t handle the sim or the people in it and make it work by being flexible and adaptable to new ideas. It reflects back on the Owner of said sim or little world they created. It shows them up for what they are, faulty, incomplete, adolescent or foolish or just not what they call themselves, in some cases. People can spot phoenies from far away.

Well if you own a lil virtual world in Second Life and you wonder why you can’t get applicants or people to join your group, maybe just maybe you’re too restrictive, too idiotic or just plain blind and don’t have the ability or patience to run such a sim. Playing dictator doesn’t work either, if that’s your answer because you pay for the sim, and built it and set it up. For the bigger your ban list gets, the worse it reflects on you and the people you keep and it angers those who you have banned and you may face retribution or payback. No one cares that you pay real money each month to keep your sim alive in Second Life. that’s your money, have fun with it, of course. But know people want the truth, to be treated decent and when things don’t work out they hate liars. Lying to a member who tried to make it on your sim, to get rid of them, because you think they don’t fit in, is just plain wrong and people get mad. And if you anger enough of them, they will fight back and you shall pay a price like lose of people coming to the sim or applying to join the group. Word gets around that 1) You have no idea what you’re doing and what your doing is illegal, or just plain out wrong. 2) People talk and it gets around how you treat people and it does come back and bite you in the ass. 3) If you treat people wrong, you anger them, upset them and then you will end up paying a price, because not all. like you messing with their name or reputation, period.

So, when you cry, and complain, you can’t find members, are not getting applications for membership, and need ideas on how to attract people, it will get out. People talk, just so you know. In the end, when you see you have a problem, you should sit back and re-examine what you did to yourself, to get to the point you are at now. Mistreating people, lying to them or saying things about them, you shouldn’t to make them leave or ban them from your sim is wrong. Treat them properly, tell them the truth and ask them to leave, first. don’t just ban people!. Last advice for this case in truth here is, if you own the sim, are going to disrespect, mistreat people, before you ban them without any respect, be prepared to get the same treatment in return. It’s what people do when something goes wrong in real life, and it should apply to Second Life too!

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