Your days in the White House and as President are ending Donald, John Trump, be a man

In the near future I will be writing more blogs, some about politics, some about the state of America and Some about the Virtual World of Second Life also. Depends on my mood, what passes my vision and what is brought to my attention.

News and politics and facts are important whether in real life, or in Second Life’s Virtual World. People cause the problems they have in either world and in the world period. When you think your God or a Dictator, or a smart ass, or just plain above everyone around you, you end up in the same shape, ignored, looked over or around or losing out, on life period.

Personally, I have always been a loner who made himself fit in, all my life. I am not your average man in any way. I have walked away from things that I believe are dangerous, stupid, idiotic or just plain foolish in life and in virtual life also.

What people do not understand about me is, I basically don’t believe anyone is better than me, I don’t care if you have a Law degree. or are President, or if you own a sim in Second Life or a mansion in real life. The fact is you treat people with respect, you get respect back, if you don’t well you will always get what you give. And then you have to re-calibrate and adjust and change your rules of behavior and beg and hunt for people to put up with you, and to help you out in the end. They don’t flock to do that folks, for people who are ignorant, bossy, dictators or cult leaders or even Presidents who believe they are Gods!. When in the end all you end up with are the sycophants who you had all along following you blindly, you get nowhere period and you lose out. Ask, some of the biggest Dictators, Cult Leaders and biggest asshole of all time, they all get overthrown, beat on and destroyed in the end. Why, because people get fed up with their bullshit and get together and fight back.

Soon enough all shall know what I mean as we watch Donald Trump whimper, cry, complain, file lawsuits and get nowhere, and ultimately have to pack his belongings and scamper from the White House in shame. It’s the only way he can leave the White House, why because he is like a petulant child, who is spoiled and won’t quit or admit defeat, like a five year old at Monopoly, the board game. He stomps his feet, he rants on Twitter and other internet programs, hides in the White House stares at a Television screen and refuses to do his job as President. What I don’t get is this, why the Republicans allow him to do it and they enable him to do it daily and take no action to stop him or make him act, for the good of the country.

In the end the Republicans are responsible for Donald J. Trump being the President, keeping him as President and not facing him, as he destroys America’s security and fails at all he touches, including the coronavirus fight. Over a Quarter Million Americans have died due to Covid-19 and Trump’s inability to act and to lead in the fight against it!

Trump is now America’s biggest problem and complication period. He must be made to start the Transition process to the Biden Administration, or the status of America as a World Power will fall further. The Fight against Coronavirus will not be met and more Americans will die at a greater rate than ever before. Yet Trump hides in The White House watches Television, and has his lawyers file bullshit lawsuits, regarding election results!

To President Donald J. Trump and The Republican Party, Donald you don’t have to concede the election, but you do have to transition to the next President. It is your responsibility as a President, it is also going to look like shit on your legacy and in the History Books, and it will affect your brand and name and reputation. Your choosing to let your own name be tarnished, destroyed and your legacy to be shot, just to stomp your feet and cry and get even with The Democrats because you think they did you wrong. In fact you have done all wrong, since the day you took office, including lying from day one.

To all who believe, because they were elected to Office, in America and think they can do as they please, I recommend you don’t follow Trump’s example. For as you shall see soon enough in approximately 60 some odd days, it doesn’t end well for you.

To Donald Trump, if you do not concede that is fine don’t, but, you need to start the Transition and tell Emily Murphy to recognize Biden as the Winner of the Election. The Security of America is at stake, our position in the world order and Biden needs the information to fight the coronavirus and to make his administration work properly. If you don’t, it will damage America and its people.

If you refuse to leave the White House or Presidency, The Marines will be coming to escort you out of The White House on Public Television for all the World to see. For you will have no legal legs to stand on, and President- elect Biden will make sure you go. Then you can stand there and scream at the Marines, that they are losers and watch as they smile escorting you out on public Television. Be a fun site for all of us to watch, like a bad cartoon!. It will be embarrassing, humiliating and shameful on your part, no one else’s.

Your days in the White House and as President are ending Donald, John Trump, be a man, instead of sulking in the White House, hiding and avoiding the facts and truth and acting like a petulant child, act like a man and leave in a proper transfer of power. The options are yours of course, but the facts say I am right. It is time now, Donald Trump to act like an adult, a full grown man, and to pass the torch to the Next President, it’s been done, many times before and should be done now!

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