Life will go on in Real Life as well as Second Life, disagreements, arguments are all a part of life on both sides.

Well, life moves along just fine in Second Life and in real life for me. Second Life is a game folks, those who get too wrapped up in it and too serious shouldn’t, for to get out of it, you just sign out. You can not sign out of real life and there is no place to run and hide if something goes wrong in it. Seems the best way to do things for some in real life is to run and hide and in Second Life, when confronted or told they are wrong or should change something they are doing, people do far worse then run and hide, they ban people and bad mouth them and then later, when people fight back they cry and complain they are losing applicants and need help to get more, on their sim. Well, you lose out when you act like a Cultist, God or Idiot is all, you can’t treat people with disrespect, then think, they will not fight back, if you do, you are stupid.

Second Life is a game folks, not all are going to agree with what you build for fun, what kind of a sim you own or what you do in it or how you do it. And when you lie to the members you have, or you cause drama or disagree with them, disagreeing with you, you are treating them, without respect, being rude, inconsiderate and in the end, people will rebel and fight back. No man or woman wants someone being disrespectful, rude, unkind or mean to them, nor does anyone like someone lying to them. False excuses get found out, truth will always win out in the end. If you think you have a problem with one member, of your sim and you ban them, you may not realize for everyone you ban, you have two or three who say nothing but feel the same way and do so quietly behind your back. And you will never weed them out for they are smart enough to sit in silence and pass information to others, who are already gone and they can use it to get back at you. So, if I were the owner of said sim, in question, I would wonder who is passing information out and why, because if there is one, there are more.

Recently, Second Life is more pleasant without the drama of the sim in question of course for me. I go where I wish in Second Life, enjoy the experience and avoid the drama. I get told, I was wrong for writing blogs about the owner of said sim and his sim and the truth is, I wasn’t! It had to be said, clearly to all so they understand what they are getting into, if they enter his sim. Why go to a sim, and find the reason you are there is controlled by one owner, and he puts you through assignments and requirements and rules and then doesn’t follow them himself, and has no patience, understanding or ability to work with you, to help you through it all. You can’t make robots, all the same either, online or in person, it doesn’t work.

Sadly, somes sim are controlled by others and get pressured by others and because they are D/s or BDSM Based and I disagreed with one owner and his ways and wrote my blogs they threatened me, with losing my DJ job at another. Well I stayed for a few weeks after, was all, but as of a few weeks ago, I departed the sim, that went along with these people. Now they will have to do without me.

I don’t mind because I can Dj any kind of music in Second Life and do, from Rock to Motown, to the Blues and there are many sims to do it in. I don’t rely on Djing to live my Second Life, I do it for fun.

As to the Owner of the sim who put this pressure on, he has bigger problems then I could ever have at this point. My Blogs had the effect I wanted, he is losing applicants and people and he knows it and so do I, now. Will I let the blogs loose again and write more on his sim and him, well, time shall tell, because if i am attacked again, stalked or bothered by him or his people in anyway, I may. I have no fear, my blogs are not attached to Second Life so I can put up what I ever I wish, say what I wish and use whatever I have or get, to write, whatever i wish.

Life will go on in Real Life as well as Second Life, disagreements, arguments are all a part of life on both sides. We disagree and move on and have our say. It’s all a part of life folks!. Second Life is a game and fun and entertaining, but what it isn’t, is something that can affect me or what I say or do in my blogs. I will continue to write blogs and articles and more, it’s what I do.

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