Have Fun, Be Respectful, Be Tolerant, and Use Common Sense! No Matter your Lifestyle!

To Enjoy certain activities and styles is anyone’s choice in the world, at least in the free world. We all have preferences and in those preferences we all have our own beliefs, styles and ways of doing things. Each person is an individual and should be accepted as such, no matter where they go or what they do, we may not agree with one another, but we do not force each other into anything. That is how life should be.

I have witnessed many things in my life, from a messed up family life as a child with warring parents who were verbally, mentally and physically violent to one another. I have seen drug abuse, and users who killed themselves, suicides and yes cancer patients. I have seen death and I have seen life, I have roamed the world and served my country. So I have done many things. From being a follower to being a leader too. I have run Boiler rooms in the Navy, been a machine gunner scout, and an M-88 Tank retriever driver on the Army side. So yes, I have done plenty from managing restaurants and hotels, to writing blogs, books and poems, so I have lived a good life. I love life in general always have.

Honesty is always the best policy also. You sugar coat something or lie it doesn’t work, people figure it out in the end and you lose. The honest facts are the only way to go. And avoiding the truth will never work in life. It never does.

As many out there who are members of Second Life the Virtual world put out by Linden Labs know, and there are many, around 600,000 to be approximate. Now it is a virtual world built for playing, games, building sims and just having fun, but it isn’t a game not really.

To put it briefly, Second Life is a virtual, online world where users create avatars which can travel to worlds and lands (called Sims), participate in role-playing games, create and sell products, and socialize with other Second Life residents. Now, it can be fun and many use it for different reasons of course. I have seen dancing clubs, sci-fi sims, I have seen wilderness sims and sexual sims too. I have seen all lifestyles represented in Second Life from the straight population to the gay population, to the kink worlds of BDSM and D/s.

For any sim to work as many are finding as they move around in Second Life, there are rules for every sim in Second Life, for each is run by individuals. Some are open and allow all who enter to do as they please, others restrict things and try to control the members who enter their sims. It depends on the person who owns it, how they run it and it’s intention of course. Sadly, the owners of certain kinds of sims have many restrictions, rules and try to play God and control all on their sim. This causes problems when a sim owner decides to play God, they lose or ban, members, than cry later they can’t find people to join their sim anymore. It’s a sad sight to see, for you can build the prettiest, smartest looking sim in Second Life History once you learn to build in it. But to get people to use your sim or participate in the sim you build is the tricky part. Visuals alone won’t get you there, creating training programs for lifestyles won’t either unless, the Training program is fair, intelligent and well put together and isn’t changed 24/7, as many do. I have been in many sims in Second Life in going on fourteen years, and the ones I have run into arguments or fights with, only number two. Now one was just a foolish sim, sexually explicit and silly, so I didn’t care about it much. I was glad to leave it, as i was with the Second One too, with one exception. Don’t lie to people about what your doing, don’t lie to people regarding why you want them gone from your sim either. I may not agree with how the sim in question was run for reasons. I can state here.

Whether you run a Dance sim or a BDSM/ D/s sim, you need to not lie to people about it’s purpose of how you run it and not be overbearing with rules and restrictions, either. You also should avoid being assine, and not listening to the people who make suggestions to you. Secondly, don’t say your a Educational Opportunity for people to learn something and then not provide it. The sim I speak of says that in their profile and then claims they wrote their program themselves, they didn’t, they stole the information off internet sites, about the lifestyle. It is not an educational opportunity, what it is a Cult the man is running in Second Life, period.

A Parrel to this sim is the current status of the United States of America’s Presidency problem. Trump has put out false information about this country, how the elections work, his loss in the election and convinced his followers he is the winner of the 2020 election, he isn’t. What makes it dangerous is people believe these lies and then hit the streets, and cause damage and violence and harm others. The same is true of the Sim and Owner I am speaking about here, in Second Life.

From the day I entered the sim in question, the bullshit, lies and acts piled up, until I just confronted it and ended up banned for doing so. BDSM and D/s people who have lived it in real life will tell you, what I say is true.

You don’t advertise falsely first off. secondly you don’t put out rules that all female submissives must kneel for all men. No modern woman will buy that. It is wrong in today’s society period and arcadic. Thirdly, no woman volunteers to be publically whipped and gang banged in today’s society, it is embarrassing, and humiliated and breaks their spirit and they know it too. Then when someone disagrees and says something and tries to get it changed, the reaction was outrageous and stupid. But that is how it goes when someone is in God Mode in Second Life. The real kicker was all was fine, till the question of the Poly Lifestyle came up in the sim. LOL. Then it was we are a Poly sim and no-one was practicing that first off, secondly all have a right to not like Poly, compersion included or not. The day I was banned from this man’s sim it was due to the following conversation with one of the submissives there, in the Cafe or Public Area. The submissive said she didn’t believe or like multiple partners and I said I didn’t approve of harems or believe in them, either. The next morning when I entered Second Life I was banned from the sim, by the owner, his excuse was I scared the girls on the sim, I never did, he lied. The man is a phoney is all and all now know it, due, to my blog writing.

So what did I do then, I wrote my blogs which many have read and seen in the past. Then he didn’t like that so he came stalking me in Second Life on a sim I Dj at. He threatened to have me removed from Second Life for stealing his Intellectual Property, he can’t, he gave me it in the first place. Dumb answer. Then he got someone to go to one of the places I Djed at and force them to make me take down said blogs, by telling them they had no choice, they would have to fire me if I didn’t pull the blogs. It is indeed childish on his part, so to solve the problem I took care of it. I removed said blogs and then left the sim he attacked and on my own. That way they are not affected by what I wrote or whoever he sent, to do so. I can Dj anywhere in Second Life, but I won’t Dj for a sim that lets him and his friends control them. So I moved on.

Recently, I learned the blogs I wrote had their desired results on him and his sim even if he didn’t want them to. He can deny it publicly on his sim, but, I know he is looking for more applicants and can’t find them and that his sim is slowed down and he can’t find mentors for his mentees either. Now he may deny that, to many, but the proof, I have, says otherwise, and I can produce it if needed. Not everyone is afraid of him or his sim, as he would like them to be and people do talk. That’s all I can say and need to say.

As to the BDSM D/s Lifestyle itself in Second lIfe it shall continue on and no I won’t attack other sims that do it, in anyway. Many are more flexible, more reliable, decent and yes even educational and worth the effort to join or visit. There is nothing wrong with the Lifestyle folks, BDSM and D/s is a choice, I agree and many of us, like to use it or see it in use and protect it. I admire those who are more permissive and open about it all and honest, I don’t like liars, I don’t like phonies and most of all, I don’t like cult leaders and their followers, who can’t see they are wrong or grow and change.

Like President Trump and his non-thinking sycophants who follow him blindly, and have almost destroyed America, the owner of the sim I was on and was banned from, is the exact same type of person doing the same things. To Blindly follow someone and be led by someone who is full of shit, phoney and knows not, what he is doing, is dangerous. It hurts all involved, including each man who enters his sim for training and calls themselves dominants or each submissive who listen to and kiss his ass.

Sycophants follow blindly, do as they are told and parrot the leader, it happens in the sim in question daily and is sad. Just like Trump’s sycophants, who get violent and upset and end up arrested because they do as he says.

Instance of this is the man who went to an event in the time of coronavirus and decided to breathe heavy on a woman at a rally on purpose, because she said she didn’t like Trump. No consideration for the fact coronavirus rages and he might be spreading it to her, so he ended up arrested for assault folks. His excuse, Trump said the Coronavirus is not bad and he doesn’t have to wear a mask, he may want one, while in jail now!

The same can be said, of the sycophants or the sim I was on, blind loyalty without any common sense, manners, people should have in the D/s and BDSM Lifestyle online and offline, remember to;

Have Fun, Be Respectful, Be Tolerant, and Use Common Sense! No Matter your Lifestyle!

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