For it is the only way mankind survives.

Life they say is just a game and they let it slip away, yes, they are lyrics to a song, yet, they do apply to everyday life period. Some hear the song and just sing along, and pay it no heed or bother, some don’t even like the song and ignore it, then there are some of us the song sunk into as we listened and we got what was being said and what it meant. so for those of us who got it, understood it and that it stuck with, it really did mean something and affect our lives and how we live.

Many may be like me, I grew up in family that was just filled with anger, hate and sometimes violence. My parents fought twenty four seven so to say. Us kids got to hear it all, experience the screaming, the yelling and see the violence between the two parents and in the end as we grew up, each of us escaped the home in one way of another. We had no choice, a few of us, for we were thrown out by the man who raised us, as he called us ungrateful, lazy, and didn’t really want us there. To the public they both, stood proud and acted like nothing was wrong and that life was merry and happy. Behind the scenes at home, flying silverware and plates and bodies existed. so not all of us, had great family lifes growing up see, some of us had it rough.

As you get older you figure out what you have to do to survive, experience, gives you something to draw from, to make your decisions each day. It is how it should be for all. We grew, we learned, we adapted and then we moved, on remembering those mistakes, problems and burdens we had before and drew on them each day, to make our decisions as we move on.

Some people as my step-father said, ” Some will never learn at all, because they are too dense, too slow or in some cases too ignorant to understand.” It’s true I have seen it in many cases in my life as I have aged to 64 years old now.

Some don’t get what teachers teach either, Some don’t understand the basics or reading, writing and arithmetic, or the importance of getting the right information, to get things right. It’s sad really, for as a writer, I admire said about writing, “Before you can be a good writer, you must read a lot and learn the language your writing in, then add expressions and punctuation and emotions into it all for it to sell” The same can be said for each part of life we live.

The Military teaches some very important lessons also as you serve. First is dedication, and then persistence, then they tell you, simply put, ” To be a good leader, one must first be a good follower.” It’s very true in life folks, not just in the military. People ignore these little lessons or don’t really absorb them and let outside interests or outside interference come into play. Those who control themselves make it, those who don’t, end up in trouble. Or end up not making it anywhere and just spin their wheels.

Love lives, teach us things, too. Compassion, understanding, open communication, for starters. if you don’t have those basics, you will never have a long lasting relationship, and among those items, honesty comes into play at all times. The more you lie, the more you cheat, the shorter the relationship will be, why because you will always get caught period. and breaking any of the above, destroys relationships and they are vital to our well being as human beings, yes, we all need human companionship and interaction to survive, for without that, the isolation would kill us. Mankind would not be able to perpetuate itself and we would die off. Makes sense right? I knew it would for those who read and listen, at least.

As we age we get more settled in what we do, how we do it and why we do it and with whom. we finish exploring at some point, feel comfortable in our own skins and we just lock ourselves in and stay there. Unless, we see something or learn of something that happens or exists that attracts our attention and we make an effort to learn it, explore it and accept it as a part of who we are or what we do, in our routines or styles of life. Once we do accept and adapt to it and do it on a normal basis, it becomes a part of who we are, in all ways.

OK, so many, may think, I am telling you nothing you didn’t already know, you may be right, but for some that is not the case as we all know. So why say this here and now? Simple life is changing for all humanity, it’s changing in America too. People need to learn, not to look at color, race, religion, or sex. We need to leave behind past prejudices and discriminations too. Mankind is growing, t’s changing, it’s developing and in the end what it becomes is not our choice, it’s the creator’s choice out there. The world is changing, it won’t be one race running the world, one color running the world, or one religion, it won’t be bigotry that carries the load. It will be acceptance, it will be open communication, it will be listening, it will be acceptance of all, and we can only survive if we do so ourselves each day, we are alive. We all must get along, we all must interact and accept one another and in the end, respect one another to make life better for all on the planet. If you can’t accept that, then you have a definite problem and need to re-evaluate yourself and how you interact with others.

So as time goes on for me, I care not if you are white, black, brown, hispanic or asian, I only care that we all get along, and we can stop destroying the world, our nation and our republic and democracy. The same should be true for all, regardless of sex, color, race or religion, for it is the only way mankind survives.

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