Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020, the day before the Holiday season hits the United States is here! As we get ready to sit down and eat a full meal, play games, relax and enjoy some peace and give thanks for all we have, we have to do it in a different way than we are used to.

Isolated to our homes, with just those who live with us, the Holidays will be slower, but, the internet will allow us to Zoom, Facebook, Skype if we all have the Internet to do so. Otherwise it shall be phone calls to loved ones to say hello and tell them we miss them all. and that we wish them the best and hope they are all Covid-19 free and healthy.

Growing up there used to be Thanksgivings that were huge in my parents house. a Big Table, a fancy dinning room set, lots of chair to fill, the table loaded with food, the side table and buffets loaded with deserts and in the end, family everywhere, from immediate to Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and friends. Those days will never return, I believe because the society and world we live in, today is very different.

As we move forward we should all be thankful, we are alive, and that if we are lucky enough to have avoided Covid-19/ Coronavirus, it is because we are steadfast and smart enough to isolate and wear masks and keep social distancing. So Thank God we have common sense and logic enough to know we must do, certain things to avoid the coronavirus and survive. Yes it makes it lonely at times and rough on each of us emotionally, for humanity needs interaction with family to survive and with each other in general. We didn’t ask for the coronavirus/ Covid-19, but we have to be logical, use common sense and our minds and abilities to stay alive and avoid the worse.

I love life folks, I do love family and friends , but I also know we shall never know who has the virus, at any given time or date or if they are carriers of it, either. We must do what is right and stop the spread of the virus in anyway possible and stay safe and healthy for our own future and to live. So options are very few, if mankind is to survive the virus, we must stay social distanced , wear our masks in public, and be logical and use common sense period.

As the Holiday season approaches and starts tomorrow in America and in the world, I wish all the best and Happy Thanksgiving, and good health out there. Here in my home my wife and I shall be alone and use Zoom to contact family and say hello and see them on cams. It’s the smart thing to do and yes there are other services to use for this purpose, like Skype, Yahoo, and more. It’s cheaper to get the Internet, a computer and a cam, then to get the virus, and get sick and face the worse sickness/ illness in along time, that can be deadly to us all. Hopefully, the vaccine shall roll, out soon!

Now having said the above and knowing what we are facing for the coming Holiday Season, here in America and across the world, we must also realize we must do what is right to survive, period and for family and friends to stay with us also. It is not about you, or me, folks, it is about everyone from a new born baby to one over one hundred years old! No one deserves to die or wants to, let’s stay safe, sane, logical and social distance, and wear masks if close to one another. Open windows if indoors, or meet outdoors if you must. But, don’t forget the virus can be carried by anyone and no you can’t see or know it, so caution, carefulness and logic will keep you alive and healthy. As one doctor put it to me recently, you can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself first!

I wish All, No Matter location, no matter color, race, creed or sex, Happy Holidays and I wish all a good time on Thanksgiving. Remember we still have a lot to be thankful, we live in the land of the free, in America, we do have family who are healthy and still with us, at least most of us do. We should be thankful we are alive, and remember those we have lost to the virus!

Happy Thanksgiving once again to all. May your Thanksgiving be filled with peace and good health and I hope, family and Joy!.

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