So Happy ThanksGiving to all and I hope this makes you think, what to be ThankFul for!

The Pilgrims who had the first Thanksgiving in America, Gave Thanks for many things at the time. They gave Thanks for arriving in America, safe and sound, they gave thanks to surviving, they gave thanks for The Indians who helped them and taught them what to eat or not eat in their new home, and how to plant foods they could eat and survive on. The First Thanksgiving was special for the Pilgrims and the Indians too, for they became friends at the time, but that would not last of course, but it was a beginning.

Thanksgiving is not just a time for eating, having fun and being with family and friends, although that is the modern way of doing things for sure. This year, Thanksgiving will not be the Traditional Way for many Americans, they won’t be gathering with their families who come from near and far. The Coronavirus/ Covid-19 interferes for sure, for all of us who pay attention and fear it. Not all of us are young or super healthy, we have prior conditions and just can not take the chances we would in normal times, so we stay home and will celebrate with those we live with, period. It is only logical, smart and being careful, especially if you have previous conditions, like my wife and I, who both have had cancer.

But that does not mean we don’t think of those we would normally be spending the day with, because we always do. We did a Zoom Meeting on the Wednesday before in the evening to see them all and say hello and to wish all well. Some may use Zoom, some may use Facebook, Discord or other programs to do so, others phone calls or texts. The point is we all want to be with those we love, we just can’t right now, until we get vaccines and the virus under control.

Doesn’t mean we don’t have things to be Thankful for, because all of us do. Many are thankful to just be alive, the survivors of Covid-19 for some, cancer survivors who carry on, or others who have survived long enough to see this Thanksgiving at all. We are all Thankful for our own health if healthy , we are thankful also for our families and friends who have not contacted the virus and are still healthy and alive to talk to all the time. We are Thankful to have life, homes and food to eat each day, a place to shower or bathe. to be able to do things on computers, or gaming systems or cell phones or in anyway we do them, even reading a simple book. We get thankful even for doing odd jobs and working around our own homes. The simple things in life become so much more important in this day and age folks. Food to eat and drinks to drink become more important as millions of Americans search for food banks to keep their families and themselves going each day.

Many of us are Thankful for Americans voting on November 3rd, the way we all did, no matter who you voted for, we were all heard and brave enough to do so, So Thank you all for doing it. many are thankful for the outcome of the election in America and many upset too, but we are thankful for a free country we live in and our rights we all have too. I am Thankful people know that whether your man won the election or lost it, we had the choice and we shall move forward, come Jan. 20th, 2021.

I am personally Thankful for being here and alive, as is my wife. We fight cancer daily in our home and we know each day is precious and all of you should know that too. Each moment we breathe and wake up and open our eyes is important. It should be for each and every human being on this planet and especially in America, where we have more rights than any other country in the world.

So, as Thanksgiving, is here and the Holiday Season begins in America and around the world, I want to say to all, I am Thankful for Life, I am Thankful for good Health, I am thankful for having enough to eat and keep a roof over my head and I am thankful for healthy family and friends so far in this day and age, It is all I can ask for and hope for and for that, I think Thankful is the way to be. So Happy ThanksGiving to all and I hope this makes you think, what to be ThankFul for!

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