Greed kills, realize it folks, share!

2020, As a year has been a rough one for all I believe. In America for the first time since the 1930′ and 40’s, Americans are struggling to survive, people are homeless, hungry and praying to survive. America as well as the world is in danger, from a pandemic that is killing at great rates. As mankind struggles, the world continues to rotate and survive. But mankind is killing the world and the world does fight back. The planet and its ecosystem can only take so much destruction and pollution and it can’t generate enough to keep itself going, it seems No I am not a naysayer, a doom predictor or anything of that sort. What I am isa realist, someone who understands the science, no planet has unlimited resources folks and that includes ours, the earth. What no one want to realize or understand is man is strip mining the planet that gave us life and in doing so we are destroying the only place capable of supporting human life. It may not run out of resources in my life time, but how many lifetimes will it take to kill it, we don’t know yet. Mankind will find out soon enough I am sure.

To fight back, the planet produces thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, and more. It cleans itself and tries to come back from the destruction mankind has placed upon it. The planet takes time to rebuild and unless we have some brains and realize we can’t keep going the way we are, the planet will deplete itself and not have time to come back.

America itself, is killing itself from within also. The poison that is politicians like Trump, Graham, McConnell and other Republicans is killing the political climate and the economy and job market of the country. Unless the Republicans let Trump go, shut him down, and decide to work with the Democrats and Independents, instead of against, America will spin its wheels and get nowhere. As a country America is dead in the water, people are starving, the healthcare system is too expensive, the virus is raging and jobs are non existent these days. Sadly, the republicans sist and whistle and play word games and do nothing worthwhile.

Racial turmoil, political turmoil, fights agains tthe very documents that make us America, all add up to a disaster, for America period. Look let me say this clear so even the Republicans get it and understand it. In order to keep and improve the country and create jobs, the coronavirus must be defeated first. Then once a vaccine is administered and given out and mankind recovers, then the job market needs improved, healthcare for all must exist, for no job will cover all medical costs. Food lines are here again, people are begging to keep their heads covered and keep a home and the rich are getting rich, but middle income families and below are starving and struggling. They are the breadwinners and main backbone of America, not the rich and famous. America is failing what it was built for.

Let’s use our heads, think it through folks, save the climate, create jobs, give all healthcare and lets live in peace. Greed kills, realize it folks, share!

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