I want to Wish all a Happy Holiday Season/ Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, season too.

December 2020, will be like no other, Christmas, Hanukkah, will not be the same, how can it be folks, Covid-19 is upon us all, as we all await the vaccines, being shipped starting today. We all know the sadness of the numbers of the infected and those who have died to date, sadly we can’t change it or them. People made up their own minds on whether to wear masks and social distance or to listen to Donald J. Trump and not do so. Sadly. what he does not understand is because of his example and lack of cooperation, in fighting the Covid-19 virus, so many have died. The Hospitals are filled with Covid-19 patients of all colors, races and ages. It’s sad time for me, for I can not comprehend how an American President can not give guidance and set an example for all in a pandemic. Please folks, wear your masks as needed in and outdoors, and stay 6 feet apart, Don’t do parties or events that include more than those in your immediate home. Anything less, is just plain wrong and against humanity as a whole.

That said, The Holiday Season has arrived, and the Christmas Season is upon us all. Lights will go up, cards will go out, friends will call one another and so will families. Zoom, Facebook, and other messaging services will be busy and get used this year and we should all do it that way. We should be thankful the ones who have the internet and these services available to us. It at least lets us talk to those we love face to face, on a Holiday we all believe in.

I want to Wish all a Happy Holiday Season/ Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, season too. We should be Thankful for being Alive and still here! so Please, Take it Careful, wear your Mask, and stay distanced and remember as President Elect Joe Biden and his Vice President Elect Harris say, we all are in this together and Help is on The Way. Vaccines are coming folks, hang in there and lets all survive.

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