Ok, a little advice for Austin Island and Ratzu Darkstone

Ok, a little advice for Austin Island and Ratzu Darkstone, you can’t improve your membership or increase or attract people, if you force anything on anyone. Nor does it help you to increase the rules and principles and change them, for all you do is. complicate it all.

Next subject, for you Ratzu, the interaction in your Cafe has always been boring, tiresome and just worthless. To have people who are supposed to be into D/s and BDSM sitting around and not even chatting openly, well it goes nowhere, and when you don’t allow freedom of exchanging of ideas it won’t help you either.

It doesn’t help when you have Masters roam in and out of the Cafe either, playing pranks and jokes on the girls of Austin, talking about asses and big breasts, but not doing anything to do with D/s or BDSM in anyway. But isn’t that the way it has always been in Austin Island, Ratzu, you send people in to listen in the Cafe and they report all back to you daily when you log on in the evening, so people are afraid to talk openly in Austin Island or The Cafe. Different opinions never count, nor do suggestions when it comes to Austin and you Ratzu, you believe you sit on a throne and don’t, but keep at it, it will get worse before it gets better, unless you wake up to reality.

The girls of Austin are bored Ratzu, there is a reason for it, but you never did listen to them fully or completely did you? You like to do things your way is all, that’s fine you pay for the sim you run, but, it won’t keep the girls happy to have them kneeling in The Cafe or standing around waiting for action of a BDSM or D/s nature. The dances were cute and still are Ratzu, but they are not what a D/s or BDSM lifestyle is about, you never learn that, do you. They are fun maybe once a week at best, that’s it.

Lectures or Discussions are tiring when repeated too, people don’t enter a D/s BDSM sim to listen to lectures, they already have them all in your made up assignments you hand out. You lack originality, and imagination and so do the Masters and girls of Austin period. That is why people get bored in Austin Island and end up leaving you and your sim.

Next thing I want to mention for you Ratzu Darkstone, you listen to no one fully, you only listen to what you wish to hear is all. That is part of your problem in your sim. Besides that, you should stick the intimidation bullshit up your ass and start to realize, people know your doing it and don’t appreciate it either, in your sim, or from you as a person. Learn to draw a goddamn line in using it, and shut it off when not needed, You may get further with manners, politeness and kindness and empathy then force, or intimidation, if you get my drift.

Let me tell you and the Membership at Austin something Ratzu. If your a dominant and the girls are submissives, you need to clarify something on sim for all to understand up front and straight, for you confuse it always. BDSM is Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism, which is one area your dealing in, Dominance and submission is a second one, they can be separated and entirely alone. You should know this, yet you keep combining them automatically, wrong.

Another area for your knowledge, to attract more members you have to be more open and more acceptable of other ideas, thoughts and ways. This bullshit of well, we have done it this way for twelve years and it has worked will not cut it. No organization, business, club, bar, store would sit the same way and survive in today’s culture, get out of the past, and open up to fresh ideas and ways to do things. If you don’t you will be bypassed and never grow the sim you are so proud of having and building.

Before you hold more discussions and make people sit and listen to you preach your Principles and Rules and ways, be sure you yourself follow them and your leadership clique does too, or you fail to lead properly. Old saying Ratzu, from my military days, before anyone can be a good leader they must have first been a good follower. Secondly, leadership is not all about just telling people what to do or how to do it, it is about communication skills, listening is vital, encouraging is vital, empathy is vital, learn to use it and them. To do so you have to stay open, listen, evaluate, accept the good, and use it to prove your listening, not just saying yes, and then brushing it all aside.

A little item also, Gerritt’s Gel community next door to your sim, can and is a problem for you, even if you like the man a lot. He rents sims to your members as much as he can, they use those sims as private sims to do as they please. They also take members there for assignments and sexual acts and scenes and hide from you what they do. So go ahead, use Gerritt’s GEL Community to try to help you along, but, it will hurt more than help no matter how many sims he is renting now in the age of covid. Or how well he advertises.

Which reminds me of something I tried to tell you when I was in your sim as a member and alumni, too. Your mentors don’t mentor anyone not really, if your going to use mentors for people who are doing training assignments you need them to be active and talking to their mentees at least twice a week, it should be a requirement for the position/ job. Just tagging someone and assigning them as a Mentor is not enough, they fail and you lose people because they don’t do their jobs.

What will bring more people to Austin for you, is a constant question you always ask Ratzu. It is old, you want to attract more, be more open, more accepting, more honest. Less intimidation, less lying and changing the rules to fit the ones you favor, make them apply to all period and be fair and listen before you act, even a criminal gets a day in court and a chance to defend themselves, but not in Austin Island. Look, Listen, ask questions, emphasize, care and you may keep members and get more. But, again, I know you won’t listen to me or anything I write, because you hate me, my blogs and all I say, if you didn’t lie to me, or ban me without asking me what really happened, we wouldn’t be here now, would we? Communication isa two way street, learn it, stop making decisions the girls tell you to make and look, listen, investigate on your own, it is foolish fora so called Master/ Dominant to be, being told what to do by the submissives. Rene wouldn’t have done so in The Story of O, nor would have Stephan, they would laugh at you.

One last thing here, The Story of O, was written in 1954, it was a different era and time than now. Wake up to the facts here, one the story is just that a story, not a rule book for D/s BDSM, secondly, as I told you above, Dominance and Submission is one half of the equation, the other half is Bondage, Discipline,SadoMasochism. both are arts, not games. Stop trying to make it too serious, make it more fun, all the toys and devices are nice, but, find ways to have the men interact with the girls, in either more erotic ways, or in more fun ways, other than dances and theatre plays. I found it strange you had all running to the little dances, but no one interacting with one another in a D/s or BDSM manner at all. So any little spots you built for scenes and playing, and none of them being used. I found that completely funny to see. You can’t limit where the play takes place or the sceneing, unless it’s just for assignments, but even then, not all have to be done for all to see, does it? Also, you can’t control who becomes couples or don’t become couples, you can’t do it in real life and you shouldn’t try in Second Life. Second Life is not real life period, it wasn’t built to host D/s BDSM sims, and make them too serious and boring, loosen up, let the play begin and remember not to force anything period, stop putting people in the Cafe to report all to you, not all the men and women of the sim will be capable or get along, just ask them to act like adults and avoid the ones they can’t get along with and move on, if they stay in the sim.

Don’t change, and you can’t move forward, it’s that simple, you get stuck in a rut, spinning in circles and that will never help you or Austin, will it?

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