So there you have the new Austin Island Principles From Ratzu Darkstone and the reasons they can’t and won’t work.

Perseverance, Grit and Determination, a while back, in Austin Island the sim in Second Life Ratzu Darkstone tried to give a discussion/ lecture on grit and determination, it was in regard to staying the course in his sim and the assignments. But to Lecture on Grit and Determination you have to have lived it and survived it.

Grit and Determination is not staying a course of assignments made up in fantasy land on a sim in Second Life. That’s just a game is all your playing there, just as Second Life is a virtual World built of many such games to play. So is Austin Island, Ratzu Darkstone’s little world of D/s BDSM.

You want to know what Grit and Determination and Perseverance is, I will tell you here and now. IT’s surviving 199 epileptic seizures in the first nine months of your life and overcoming to stay alive. It’s surviving a home life of beatings and verbal abuse and overcoming. It’s growing up in the projects and fighting to stay alive and go to school everyday of your life. These are just a few of the things that take real grit and determination to live thru and accomplish.

That was my beginnings folks. True Grit and Determination is when you fail at school and dropout in high school and have to go to work at 16 years old to survive and work 80 hour weeks to survive. Or when you lose the job due to layoffs and the factory shuts down and moves away and you have nowhere to go and live in a YMCA. Struggling unemployment check to check and always looking for work to survive. Grit and Determination is when you have to go peel potatoes for a restaurant and mop and clean floors to eat to survive. That’s what it is really, not hanging in there to complete silly assignments in Austin Island a sim in Second Life.

True Grit and determination is when you reach 18 and join the Army and serve your country, then have a father who falls over on a shitter from a disease that almost kills him and you return home because you’re worried about him. Grit and determination is going back out after all of that, and rejoining the service in a different branch for three years, doing it on weekends and two weeks in the summer to survive. Then figuring out you have to survive, there is no jobs to take or do left and going back into the service, in a new Branch and starting over again. Overcoming is grit and determination and perseverance folks, not sitting in front of a computer listening to people having cybersex and role playing in a silly sim in Second Life.

Grit and Determination is serving your country for 16 years, getting hurt doing so, having to overcome back and spinal injuries, and living with them the rest of your life, because you served your country. That’s what it is folks. It’s going as far as your will, and determination will take you in the service despite your injuries, then being discharged for them and becoming disabled and unable to work for the rest of your life at 40 years old. Thats grit and determination, when instead of quitting, giving up and lying down, you get back up find a way to get funds, finish high school, then move on to be the only member of your family to ever go to college and earn a degree and complete it. To bea Member of Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Societies too. To proudly stand there disabled and hold the only degree, anyone in your family ever earned, and go on to manage hotels and restaurants. Thats grit and determination folks, I did it, did you? I overcame Lung cancer also and survived it, did you? I also care for a cancer ridden wife daily, do you?

With all of the above I survived in my life, I also had two marriages, two daughters, and now have 6 grandchildren. I paid off my home and cars now years ago and I will be 65 in January of 2021. That’s what Grit and Determination is folks, that’s what perseverance is too. Now, Ratzu Darkstone can give his little discussions on grit and determination in his little Second Life sim called Austin Island all day and night, that he wants, in the end he has no idea, what it really is. Sadly, few understand the facts, and few know the facts of all of our lives, the problem is people don’t want to know. In Ratzu Darkstone’s world, all he knows is his little Austin Island Sim, in Second Life.

The fact that he is lawyer in Austin, Texas doing it all, is sad. You can preach and discuss Grit and Determination, but, until you lived it, don’t do it to me, or others! One thing Lawyers do better than anything else is bullshit people, intimidate people and try to control people, that explains how Austin Island is run by Ratzu Darkstone in Second Life. Sadly, people follow bullshitters, who intimidate others and give them control over their lives, just look at Trump, Hitler, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson, then look at Ratzu Darkstone and his ways. It’s all right there in front of you to see.

Ratzu Darkstone’s Principles are crap really, he doesn’t live up to them himself and that’s the truth.

Here are his Principles for you all to read:

Austin Rules and Principles 18OCT2020

I. AUSTIN PRINCIPLES – The overarching principles of the Austin-Island Sim are:

  1. treat people with respect and tolerance;
  2. be trustworthy, act with integrity and authenticity;
  3. be responsible and accountable consistent with our creeds, rules, and traditions;
    *4. develop and demonstrate- resilience, grit, and perseverance.
    *5. demonstrate flexibility & coachability- listen to the community, grateful that someone cares enough about you to push you, vulnerable enough to know you’re not perfect, be open to honest feedback, willing to make changes.
  4. have fun and let others have fun.

First one, Ratzu treats no one with respect and tolerance I prove that, I tried to explain myself to him, he wouldn’t listen and he has no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with his assignments or ways of doing, D/s and BDSM.

Second one Ratzu isn’t trustworthy at all, he says one thing and does another, if he knew what integrity was at one time, he forgot it. He told all, he gives people second chances, he only does that for ass kissers.

Thirdly, he has no idea what determination and grit really are, it is something he heard is all and said that sounds good, I will add it, one day.

Flexibility are you kidding me, he has none, he is stuck in the same way of doing things for over 12 years. He doesn’t listen to his community or the girls in it either, they have been telling him forever it’s boring, we are tired of mentoring. He isn’t willing to admit he is not perfect and is not open to any feedback, you do that with him, he bans you. So forget the willingness to make changes he hasn’t, in over 12 years. Also Ratzu, lets others tell him lies and acts on them, without verification, or proof. or facing the person accused.

So there you have the new Austin Island Principles and the reasons they can’t and won’t work.

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