I want to wish all who have read my blogs, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and I hope for all of us, better times!.

2020 is slowly coming to an end, and I say Thank God! It’s been a year of madness, idiotic Presidential actions, by Donald J. Trump only made it worse as we have had to deal with, so many things. Job loses, an economy that went south, healthcare that was killed by Trump, and of course the major problem os Coronavirus. COvid-19.

The deaths rise, the cases of the virus rise and the American President is Missing in Action as he rants and raves and complains and cries about losing the 2020 Presidential Election to his opponent Joe Biden. He condemns his own Republican party members for saying he lost and telling him to concede, he refuses to concede and now is plotting to use the Military to stay in office!. Martial law is not the way to go Trump, the Military as of January 20th, 2021 will follow Biden’s Orders not yours it is automatic in America. What bothers me more than this so called discussion in our White House Oval Office of you using martial law to stay in office, is the fact that a man who, is President of the United States is so unstable and ranting in this fashion. I hate to tell you this Donald J. Trump, we have men with white coats, who can help calm you down and make you feel safe in their custody, in a nice facility, for unbalanced and unfit, mentally ill people.

Lets just look at the facts Donald J. Trump. You lost the popular vote by well over 7 million votes, you lost the electoral college vote by a wide range of 306 to 232 electoral votes, which you beat Hillary Clinton by, and called a landslide, it’s a landslide by Biden over you, wake up. A Landslide is a landslide, period Trump, it’s time to pack up your stuff, your wife , your kids, and go, Now, I do remind you, Mar a Lago may be your Golf Course and property, but you signed a contract that says you can not live on it. I would look fast for a new place to live and buy. They don’t want you in Mar A Lago, Donald!

Sadly, many don’t understand why you are trying to stay in as President of The United States of America, it’s not about doing the job that’s for sure, you vacated it long ago. It about losing the protection of the Office really, you know once you vacate the job, the law comes for you in New York, and Federally and so does litigation from women you touched you should never have. It means that the 45th President of the United States can indeed become the First American President to be convicted of crimes and prosecuted and maybe put in prison. You don’t want the job as President you want the protection of it from being prosecuted period, what a fall it will be from the highs to the lows, of convictions and being made to face financial difficulties and so much more from behind prison bars.

To those who are Trump followers and Sycophants out there, I am sure the downfall will bring you all much pain and sorrow, but the facts are the facts, the man you backed, followed and supported with your time and money is a grifter who is collecting your money to defend himself is all. No one would vote for Trump in 2024 if he ran again, first off his age, second off his four year record, of all failures, zero accomplishments. Besides, once he is hit with charges, litigation, and convictions, he is done in politics period. Face fact Trump Followers/ Sycophants, the man is a loser period and you backed him for what reasons?

America does not have the time to deal with Trump once he is gone, so it may be a few years he is free. In the end though, it will come back to get him. We must go forward, be positive, fight the damages he created, fight the virus, fight the Russian attacks against us and of course the coronavirus/ covid-19 virus and its effects. As deaths pile up in America and trucks are loaded with bodies and hospitals filled, we need all the help and concentration we can get, to survive and get the vaccines distributed country and world wide. somethings have more priority then Trump and his childish adolescent ways and his pouting crying and temper tantrums.He can slink off and hide till later, I am sure the law will track him,

The above said, I want to say this to all, 2020 has been a disaster for all of us. As it rolls to its end and 2021 gets closer, we need to stay positive, we need to stay united, we need to move forward and fight the virus, the Russians, climate control and more. So, please, let’s do it as one nation, for we really can accomplish anything if we all do it together. I want to wish all who have read my blogs, my stories or poems, or talked to me in anyway, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and I hope for all of us better times!.

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