So why fight for a job you won’t, can’t and don’t have the abilities or skills to compete or understand? Tell us That Donald J. Trump!

Few questions, or politicians, bother to try to reach them, for you never can it seems. So what can one do to reach, the President of the United States of America? Is there a possibility he will listen if you try? I doubt it in the case of Number 45, Donald J. Trump.

So sometimes when nothing works, the easiest method is to go direct, so to say, Even then no one can make it easy, or will listen to all you say. In Trump’s case he listens to no one anyway, and will do as he believes, he needs to. In Donald J. Trump’s world, it is all him and screw anyone else, the old , my way or the highway applies with him.

To: Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America

From a Concerned Citizen of America

Mr. President,

Sadly, I am writing this because you do not respond to criticism or disagreements, or differences with anyone at all. So, the facts really do speak for themselves when it comes to your Presidency, and they are not pretty and they can not be colored in pretty colors to please anyone either. The Facts, of your Presidency and where your place will be in American and World History, is a sad story in and of itself. You started your Administration off with lies on day one and have continued to lie, on the average of 24 times per day, since. That is disgusting, embarrassing and should be humiliating for and to you. But, it doesn’t bother you at all, does it?

You lied about the size of your Inauguration Crowd, and have continued to lie since. You have zero accomplishments to your Presidential record and that is very sad for a man who begged to be President in 2016. What’s really sad is you had to run against a woman to win, and you did so with attacks on her personality, integrity and her honor. Hillary Rodham Clinton has more honor and brains in one finger than you do in your whole body and brain. Your constant attacks on her since the election and during it was and is sad, childish, foolish and baseless.So do us all a favor and just quit it.

Everything you promised to do as President has never come to fruition, and I mean everything. You promised to Make America Great, failed. You promised to bring jobs back from overseas, failed. You said and I quote ” I will build a wall between us and Mexico and make the Mexicans pay for it.” Failed again. You said, ” I will handle North Korea and Kim Jung Un and his nukes he is building”, guess what, failed again. What you did do, is put Kim Jong UN on the world stage and give him a seat at the world power table. You run scarred daily when someone mentions Russia, Putin and what they are doing in the world or to the world in anyway. So, I hope at some point, we the American People can gig deep enough to get the answer as to what exactly Putin has on you, that stops you from facing him down. You whmp out every chance you get Trump.

You failed America on so many fronts as President, it is shocking and surprising to me, that your still in office. How many American Presidents get Impeached, cry about it, and then do nothing the rest of their term? That’s what you are doing, zero accomplishments. It’s a disgrace to America, a disgrace on the world stage as others watch us and look for guidance and assistance from us, to only find we can’t provide it anymore due to your fumbling, bumbling and idiotic ways. We are being laughed at by the world. The economy of America is gone, jobs gone, healthcare destroyed by you, all sad to see.

You failed to stop the Coronavirus and you knew it was coming ahead of time. You failed to react and you avoided it and denied it, Now it has claimed over 320,000 deaths and the cases of covid-19 grow each day as do the deaths. Your reaction to it was slow, non responsive, denying and because you choose to deny, people died and families are shattered. Still to this day, you won’t wear a mask or social distance or tell Americans to do so. That is sad! What is wrong with you? Are you so unstable, so scarred and so idiotic that you can’t see the truth and respond correctly?

Next, you lost the election period, Donald J. Trump, and no whining, crying, bitching or moaning will change it for you. There will be no miracle to overturn the election, that’s over 7 million votes in the popular vote and the electoral college vote is plain as day, 306 to 232, the same landslide margin you won by in 2016 over Clinton, but this time your on the losing end. Wake up. It’s good to call it a landslide when your on the winning side, but not when it’s you who lost?

As to provoking or starting Martial Law over the election results, are you nuts, ill or mentally unbalanced to even listen to or talk that way? This is not Russia, or Cuba, or another Dictator led country, this is a democracy and a republic, it won’t happen here. It can’t and Americans won’t allow it period. Now a fact for you to understand, you lose all control of the Military as Commander in Chief, as soon as Joe Biden is sworn in as President. So you have a choice to make , pack up the moving trucks and your belongings, or in 30 days, the Marine Corps will for you, and if you refuse to leave power or the Oval Office, they will escort you out so the world can see it on public television. They do not swear an oath to you as President or as an individual, they swore an oath to Protect and Defend the constitution and The united States from all powers foreign and domestic. Guess what you would fall under a domestic threat then and they will respond as the new President says to. So , go ahead, play your game, you will lose, there is no winning in this for you. My only question for you, Donald J. Trump is as follows: Why do you cry, whine, complain and try to overturn an election you lost so badly, and one you have shown no want, need or care to complete in your term. You don’t do the job and haven’t for a long time and won’t. So why fight for a job you won’t, can’t and don’t have the abilities or skills to compete or understand? Tell us That Donald J. Trump!

Sadly, the only reason you object to or fight the election results, is simple, you fear not having the immunity of the position and Office of the Presidency. why, because you will face criminal and civil cases as soon as you are out of office. Financial ruin awaits you and so does bankruptcy, that’s why you are so damn angry and upset. No one stole the election, you lost the damn election period. Pack Up and be out by January 20th, 2021, and go home Donald J. Trump. Just make sure you have a permanent residence too, because Mar a Largo doesn’t want you there as a permanent resident. So, find a new place to hide when your out of Office.

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