Trump should be arrested for Sedition Against the American Government !

Christmas 2020, is a quiet time in the world, while many will celebrate by singing songs, if people are smart they won’t travel around. Coronavirus folks is serious and deadly and the rising number of deaths worldwide and here in America are proof of it too. New strains appear and they are more infectious and faster spreading then what we have faced so far. So, if you love life, love living, love your family and friends you will wear masks and social distance and give up the Holiday for this year at least. Yes it is hard to do and you will all miss one another, but there is online things, Zoom, Facebook and other programs to see your relatives and friends through, if you must.

As we face one of the world’s pandemics that we must get through, we have in America the biggest problem ever in White House history and political history in our country. President Donald J. Trump lost the 2020 election by a very wide margin, over Seven million popular votes and an electoral college loss by 306 to 232. Now in 2016 when he won the White House and Presidency, the same numbers applied and he called his win over Hillary Clinton a landslide, so this one is a landslide over him too.

Trump is like a petulant child who can’t have his way and rebelling against the idea he lost period. He is making excuses, filed so many legal cases it was crazy and failed at each of them. He knows he lost, he is scared of having to leave the Presidency and it’s legal protections is all. Once he is out of office it opens the door for the civil cases and legal cases to come flooding in at him. And he has no legal protections anymore, so he will have to pay to defend himself from all of it and he knows it. He will need better attorneys then he has now and the cost will be high to fight Uncle Sam and the States to stay free. His charges will be many from tax evasion and fraud to rape and sexual harassment, and more. Sadly he knows it is all coming too, and he is running in fear and trying to stay in office to avoid arrest, or to stay protected from the civil charges. It won’t work Donald.

So what does he do on his way out. he continues to deny the election results of course, then he now threatens to Veto the Relief Package Congress approved in both the Senate and House and leave America with no relief or help. Sad. Look no relief package would be perfect, all know that, at least they Congress did pass a package to hold all over till after the holidays, Trump did nothing. Don’t take your election loss out on all Americans and their families Trump.

At one point Donald J. Trump wanted to have himself placed on Mount Rushmore. Sadly, he can’t even kiss a pimple on any of those men’s asses. He is a failure period. He failed at all he said he would do. He failed to bring jobs back from overseas. He failed at diplomacy, Russia and North Korea both laugh at him. He went to the United Nations once in his Presidency, why, because they laughed at him there too. He fails, it is, what it is Donald!

His Economy failed and fell apart, his coronavirus fight sucked from day one and he is responsible for over 300 thousand deaths in America. He doesn’t even act like he cares at all he is only having temper tantrums because he lost the election and won’t grow up and concede the election or open the doors for a peaceful transition of power to his successor, Joe Biden. He is hurting America and he doesn’t care, as Russia hacks our systems and steals our information he denies it, says it is China. sadly, Trump is delusional, unstable, dangerous and America will have to guard itself against him and others before he leaves office.

We have had 45 Presidents now in America, of the 5, Trump will be the lowest rated President and the worse in history to have ever served. He is a walking disgrace in my opinion, he failed at all he touched and destroyed America from within, following Putin’s instructions. America has slid closer to Communist rule and control under Trump. That’s sad.

Trump will try anything to stay in Power in The White House as President we know that now, when he starts talking Martial Law in The Oval Office. Let me say this to those who fear him, enacting Martial law to overturn the election, it won’t happen. First The electoral college has now certified the results in all states, second the Military will not do what he wants, it would be called sedition. He is trying to commit sedition to stay in power, and no one in America or the world will buy it.

Definition of Treason and Sedition as found on the Internet

What is the difference between treason and Sedition?

  • Treason is the violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or state, giving aid to enemies, or levying war against one’s state. Sedition is encouraging one’s fellow citizens to rebel against their state, whereas treason is actually betraying one’s country by aiding and abetting another state.

I submit, if Trump continues along the lines he is going, he should be arrested for Sedition Against the American Government and charged and tried in a court of law, in America. He is working overtime in encouraging citizens to rebel against their own country/ state, period.

Donald J. Trump should be faced down by the Republican Party, for all he is doing and has done and told to stand down and leave peacefully. It is time for Senate Leader McConnell and other Republicans to get together with the Democratic Leadership and go to the Oval Office and tell Trump to leave peacefully and cut the bullshit out and to conceded and to force him to do a peaceful turnover of power to Biden. If they don’t, I suggest, to all Americans, there are midterm elections in every Administration, vote all the Republicans out for destroying America. If you believe in democracy, the republic, and the Constitution, then go tell Donald J. Trump to stop and pack his bags and leave, or if necessary enact the 25th Amendment and remove him from power, before he can do more damage. Donald J. Trump is unstable, dangerous, a liar, and a constant threat at this time to our country.

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