Merry Christmas to All Americans and All World Wide, and Wishing all A Very Happy New Year for 2021!

Merry Christmas 2020 to all out there!

As we go on, we do so alone here in my home, with my cancer ridden wife and I, who survived lung cancer. We have ourselves, we have two cats to keep us company.

There is no Christmas tree, no lights of color, no wreaths or presents this year, we can’t afford to give as we struggle to survive on my Disability Payments and Social Security checks. Yes we have a roof over our heads, yes we still have electricity and food to eat, yes we survive daily. We watch television, shake our heads at the news each day, as Donald Trump as President destroys America, it’s economy and it’s security and fails at everything he touches, in such a bad manner over 320,000 Americans have paid with their lives for his mistakes, and errors and failure to act correctly. he is refusing to sign a Coronavirus Relief Bill, so many Americans will lose their homes and have no money to survive on when he does. Then you add in the fact that he is refusing to Sign the Defense Bill for the country, well, bottomline folks, is he just setting America up for a takeover, we have to wonder. People will be buried in debt and forced to the streets, unless, he signs.

Even the weather for Christmas is bleak and whiteless this year, the snow is melted and gone, the rains have come, it’s like the planet is trying to clean itself up, as no one has done anything to clean it properly or to stop the pollution that is killing humanity. It is a sad discussion to have, when mankind is too ignorant and blind to save itself from it’s own destruction of the only world that will support our lives. are we so selfish and blind to not realize, we are killing the only planet with an environment to support human life at all?

Christmas’s to me were never a big thing in my life, for brief periods of my life it was fun and enjoyable is all, now it is like a big wasteland. I know, people will say I am depressed, maybe I am, but one thing I know, the good old days of yore, are no more. Used to be people would help one another when I grew up, someone got a flat tire or broke down on the road , people would pull over and help them in someway, even if just to give them a ride to a nearby gas station for help. Today, none of that happens folks, nowadays you break down, your done, wait for a tow truck. We as a world have gone from a we society to a me society. Otherwise it’s me, me, me and screw you, I am getting mine no matter what happens to anyone else. It’s sad for sure.

As we Celebrate the Birth of God’s Child, and his placement on Earth to forgive all of our sins, we should stop the greed, the hate, the pain giving, we should realize we can only survive, if we act as one unit, one family, humanity to survive.

A pandemic is here on earth, people are dying left and right, families are devastated by loss, pain and misery. People are hungry and need homes and roofs over their heads and they are being abandoned in America by Donald J. Trump who is rich, and as one CNN commentator said, he is crackers! Yes, for the past almost four years we have lived under a man who is a megalomaniac, a liar and con man and he has had fun at our expense to the tune of over 320,000 deaths in our country. Now it is time he must leave and he is blazing a trail of destruction and stopping the country from having a peaceful transition to the next Presidency. Sad.

I have a Christmas Wish for ALL Americans here, I wish The Republicans would stand up and go to Trump like they did Nixon, Mcconnell needs to grow a set and go to Trump and tell him it’s over, stop the bullshit, your killing the Country, concede and leave period, and that they will overcome his Vetos, immediately if he tries them. Someone needs to tell Trump to pack his bags and go as fast as possible. His path of destruction and damage to America has to cease now. It should be a bipartisan group to approach him and tell him so, like it was with Nixon in his final days, but it should be a more forceful message that works. Trump has to go now, period.

While Christmas is upon us all and I know we are all trying to celebrate it as well as we can, the New Year awaits us as we move forward. 2021 will have to be a recovery year for the United States, on the World Stage and here, at home domestically. The destruction and damage and drama of Donald Trump’s era must go, we need a positive outlook and a positive way forward all. Do we still believe in Democracy, and The Republic our forefathers gave us 245 years ago or not? As Ben Franklin said ” We will only have a Republic as long as we the people believe in it and make it so”.

Merry Christmas to All Americans and All World Wide, and here is to Wishing all A Very Happy New Year for 2021!

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