Your Father would be mad as hell Donald J. Trump, for you just ruined the Trump name in American History, forever!

December 26th, 2020, a day after Christmas, when more were disappointed in what they got for the Holiday and others are suffering loses, in family members and friends from The Coronavirus, Covid-19. Then you add in the President not signing the Relief Bill for Coronavirus, The Defense Bill, The Housing Moratorium being left to expire in a few days, well America is in a mess under Donald J. Trump and only going to get worse by the time he leaves office on January 20th, 2021.

America has now had Forty Five Presidents, none of which has let the country go to hell in a handbasket like Trump has. Chris Christie the former Governor of New Jersey, who was a Trump friend and confident preparing him for the Presidential Debates has said it clear and loud, Trump is the Worst President in American History. Yes he is indeed the worst President in American History, if he cared about you or me or anyone else other then himself, he would sign the damn bills, concede the Election to Biden/ Harris and do a peaceful turnover now. But, he won’t why because he is narcissistic, a megalomaniac, a liar and con man, he is conning millions of his followers out of money as he leaves office. That is sad as hell that they believe him and his lies, He won’t even wear a mask, ask the nation to do so or social distance either. That’s not a Leader folks, that’s idiotic and ignorant and stupid all rolled into one, over 333,000 Americans are dead now, due to his incompetence. How anyone can sit back and still back this man I have no idea, I believe he belongs in one of two places, Not The White House, he belongs in an Institution for the Mentally Ill, or a Prison cell or both.

As America and the world moves forward now, we must find a way to survive Trump’s nasty path of leaving the Office. The Biden Harris team will need America’s full support if we are to heal the injuries and harm from Trump’s four years in office. We may never survive it or make it right, he is selling America to Russia and Putin and he keeps at it right to the end. He fears an Orange Jumpsuit Folks, Criminal charges await him once he leaves office, not to count sexual harassment and rape charges and civil matters too. Trump’s next step after Pardoning up to 46 people already will be to attempt to Pardon his family members and himself. He believes he can pardon himself as President and get away with it, and his kids and family too, don’t know what Congress will do about it, but, it won’t protect him from State charges at all.

Mar a Largo, and the community in Florida do not want Trump as a permanent resident either. They are going to hold him to his prior agreement when he built the Golf Club/ Course, and make him leave so he better have a new place to go.

Next the vaccines are now here and being given to millions, but due to the Holiday Season and people not listening I am sure millions will get the virus, the numbers of infections, hospitalizations and deaths will rise in January and February too watch. People had to go travel and see family instead of being smart and staying home and safe, now the price must be paid to the piper so to say. How many we still don’t know until, the numbers start to rise!

Now to finish this blog off, I want to say, look, anyone looking for me or my wife, can do so over the phone or computer, period. The only time we leave our home is for her medical appointments, why because she is breast cancer patient, that has metastasized to her bones now, and I am a lung cancer survivor and more. My life is yes, isolated here and we live it this way to stay alive folks, that virus strikes either of us and we will not survive it. I do the shopping as needed wearing a mask and staying away from people as much as possible. It is what the medical and scientific experts recommend.

As Trump sits in his place in Florida and golfs daily and enjoys his holiday and enjoys how he is screwing the American people and country as a whole, there are people like myself and my wife struggling to survive. We live on a Military Disability check and a Social Security check per month period. We are not alone folks, many do the same, like those who may end up homeless soon or run out of food, or unemployment checks, does Trump care, no!

I do tire of the Trump sycophants out there who scream he won the election when he didn’t, or just say the election was stolen. It’s bullshit folks, Trump himself beat Hillary Clinton by a 306 to 232 Electoral Vote margin in 2016, now Biden has beaten him in the same way, On top of that he was beaten soundly in the popular vote by an over seven million vote margin. The man lost, he should stop acting like a petulant, spoiled little rich boy, and get the hell out of office peacefully and concede and do the Peaceful Turnover that has been a tradition in America since Washington, did it first.

To Donald J. Trump, your father built himself an empire in real estate and built a decent name for himself and the family, you have destroyed the Trump Brand, The Trump name, The Trump reputation too. Your Father would be mad as hell Donald J. Trump, for you just ruined the Trump name in American History, forever!

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