It’s not good to be Donald J. Trump right now is it?/Happy New Year All, in case I don’t get to say so tomorrow!.

December 30th, 2020, tomorrow is New Years Eve day folks, 2020 will be leaving forever. Thank God, time keeps moving forward, we shall have many changes in the world coming at us soon enough. First and foremost, We shall I am sure start fighting climate change, the coronavirus/ Covid-19 at a faster and more efficient rate. Priorities will change in the United States and across the world as America gets a new President and reenters the world as a force for good once again. We may not be looked at as the best at everything, but we are looked at as a force for good by over 85 percent of the world as it stands today, despite President Donald J. Trump and the bullshit he has done.

Slowly time moves forward it seems and 2021 will be here very soon, even at that rate. My wife will have survived now since 2006, when she first got cancer, although it will be hard to say how long she may last into 2021. Myself I have survived lung cancer since 2013 and been taking care of my wife all these years and even though I am 16 years her junior, it begins to wear on me too. I struggle each morning to get up and look at her to see if she is breathing each morning, hoping she is. I know I will miss her, when she does pass away, I will cry, I will morn, and never be able to replace or forget her, for the remainder of my life. It’s a natural process I know for all humanity, and I shall have to walk through those portals when the time comes. But, for now I just want each day we can get together, to laugh, to love, to care. I hope I am not asking too much, from God, for that.

My thoughts fly through my mind as 2020 flies to an end. They flitter through my mind of how we were once a rich nation, a mighty nation, a respected nation. How we have always worked to maintain peace and prosperity and in the end help others. The ways I remember of Americans helping each other, helping the world and advancing science, and humanity as a whole. Are those days over folks, you tell me?

I grew up in the 1960’s and i was born in 1956, we didn’t have much as kids or as a family growing up we struggled through. Yet we maintained a roof over our heads, we had food to eat, and clothes and each other as much as we did, at least as a family. We fought, we argued, we even beat on each other, till we cried, but in the end we learned to survive. No family is perfect folks, and we had violence in our home, but we survived it all, till we were older and one of us died, of Aids.

I watched as I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s, as America advanced in military might, on the world stage as a political force and leader in so many areas, it was fantastic. We would ride in cars that ate gas and not think about the environment or climate change, but it went on too long for sure. We are suffering for it now a days if you look at the climate now. back then in the 1960’s and 70’s if someone broke down or got a flat tire on the road people would pull over and help them and each other. We were still a we society, all for one one for all type of world.

It has all changed now. we went through the 70’s and in the 1980’s we got what I called the Cosby Syndrome, don’t hit your children talk to them, instead, right. Well, the results of that are we have more violence and angry kids becoming adults, the murder rates have climbed, the crime rates have climbed, and no one stops for anyone, anymore. If you break down on the road in America now, your stuck folks, on your own and people fly by and don’t even take a look or thought of it. By the mid 1990’s we had become a me, me. me society, I am going to get mine and screw you. and it has stuck with us now right through to us entering, 2021. If you don’t believe it just take a good look at our country now and the current President Donald J, Trump, if he cared about America he would have, worn masks and social distanced and behaved like a human being and helped the nation, thru this pandemic. Instead we have now almost 340,000 Americans dead and millions upon million ill with the virus and he says nothing, to lead us, out of it.

As 2020 ends, Donald J, Trump refuses to acknowledge or admit he lost the 2020 Presidential Election or to do a Peaceful Turnover of power to the Incoming Biden/ Harris Administration. Sadly he is damaging America’s Security, it’s position in the world and so much more, plus no turnover regarding the fight against coronavirus either.

I am glad he got the Vaccines started and going out as many are, but you don’t abandon the Presidency and refuse to do the job, because you lost, That is childish, unprofessional, selfish and destructive to the country we all hold and love dearly. Donald J. Trump is acting like a petulant child who is throwing temper tantrums, in the Oval Office of our White House. The sooner he leaves the better off we will be as a nation in the world.

Reality, Donald J. Trump is what you need to wake up to, so I will say this here and now. The fact you lost to Biden 306 to 232 Electoral votes wise and by well over seven million votes in the popular vote, means it’s over now. There will be no stopping Congress from Certifying the votes, even Pence knows he can’t change what is coming and so do you. January 6th, the votes will be certified by Congress and the turnover will happen on January 20th, 2021 as scheduled and expected, and there is nothing you can do to change any of it. So face the facts, grow up leave the Office and White House on time and just go. If not, I will be happy to watch on CNN and Fox and other news channels as you are escorted out of the White House and off the grounds by the Marine Corps. There will be no military coup, there will be no martial law, or anymore recounts. It’s done, your done, please go home, peacefully.

As you leave I hope you have some great Attorneys for criminal actions and civil actions too. we all know as you do you will be facing tax charges, rape charges, civil suits for sexual harassment and more. You also face the problem of where to live once your out of office. Mar a Lago is where you want to go, but the people of that city/ town don’t want you there, you signed an agreement not to move in as a permanent resident and they will hold you to that in court. New York City and the State of New York do not want you back either, so where to go Donald is your next question you better solve very soon. Save your money Trump, you will need it for legal fees and housing and probably a divorce once Melania finds out your broke. It’s not good to be Donald J. Trump right now is it?

I Want to Wish All Americans and The World a Happy New Year to come!

May 2021 be a million times better than 2020 has been for all! Happy New Year All, in case I don’t get to say so tomorrow!.

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