Hawley’s objection to Biden victory, Don’t let him take you with him in history!

A reminder for Senator Hawley who says he will be objecting to the Electoral Votes on the Senate Floor, he should know what he is doing is destroying democracy, harming the Constitution and killing the Republic. That’s the first thing to think about Senator Hawley, but not the last.

I promise you Senator Hawley if you object to Biden’s victories i any of the states, you should think twice about what the future will bring for the Republican Party and the country as a whole. You will force your fellow Republicans to vote openly for the world to see and to be put on the record as voting the way they will. Publically you will be revealing their choices number one, number two America will now know immediately who cares about our democracy and republic and who doesn’t. Which means your even objecting to the election results as you are about to do, will reveal that you have no care, worry, or problem with trying to topple and destroy the Constitution and the American Republic we have preserved for 245 years now!

I hope Senator Hawley, you are prepared to find a new job fast. The American People are going to react to what your about to do and you will pay the price come election day for you. You will be put under a microscope, examined, stared at, investigated and totally exposed if you have anything whatsoever, you have ever done wrong, American’s do not take nicely to Senators or Congressmen for that matter who care not for the country and government they live under, but, abuse the benefits of living here. Once you object, your whole life will become an open book, exposed and looked into from all angles, your family, your children will have to live with what you do from that day forward also.

You may as well hang up your political cleats and uniform and go find a factory job.I am saying this, not in a threatening way sir, but as an honest american, trying to warn a Senator he is heading down a bad path, ruining his whole families life and his own, for a megalomaniac, con man and liar of a President, who has failed at everything he has done, and who doesn’t give a damn about what happens to you or me, just himself.

Believe me Senator Hawley I don’t care how much he is paying you, or what he is doing for you as a favor, President Donald J. Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself, he fears losing the office on January 20th, 2021, and it’s protections is all. Once he is out of office he is out of money, out of power, and he doesn’t even really have a pace to live, Florida doesn’t want him. The law wants him in New York for Tax Evasion, the criminal courts want him for conning people, for sexual harassment and rape and your going to back his play to keep power? I hope and pray, you realize what aligning yourself with this man, is going to do to your family and you. Backing Trump and questioning the Electoral Votes in The Senate is not a good idea, for your future Senator Hawley, Trump’s future is already drawn for him due to his own actions or lack thereof, don’t let him finish your career in politics too. Hawley’s objection to Biden victory. Trump lost 306 to 232, and by over 7 million popular votes, Senator Hawley, it was a landslide, he is done, he must go home, wherever that may be for him now. Don’t let him take you with him in history!

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