All Trump will ever be is a Game Show Host folks, and fittingly, it was called The Apprentice, for he never rose above that level.

Welcome to 2021 world! As coronavirus runs rapid across the world and vaccines are rushed into use and produced as fast as possible. we in America must face President Donald Trump’s final attack on democracy and the Republic we live under and our constitution too. We now have 20 days left to Trump’s Presidency, and in the end I say good riddance when he is gone. He wants to burn a trail a she leaves to show how much incharge he was and that he is Mr. Powerful, he isn’t folks. He’s a total failure as President, as a businessman, as a husband and as a human being. Don’t believe me go ask Mary Trump the Author his niece, or many of his ex employees.

I warn the Republicans and Senator Howley and others, you challenge the electoral votes in the 2020 election and the win by Biden, you start a trend that will haunt you forever as a party in America. What do you think will happen when the next Republican claims victory in a presidential Election? The Democrats don’t forget easy folks, they will challenge any Republican elected too in the same manner and with a lot more political pressure then you can right now, in the future the America we have will be totally messed up and open to take over by Russia, or any communist regime out there. So, play your game, but know that dangers you are opening America, up to now.

My hope for 2021, is it is better than 2020 and all years before. We start fresh they say, but the leftover taste of Trump will be with us for along time. His divide and conquer and angry retorrict will be with us forever. Sadly, he has sown these seeds of America’s destruction well, we are so divided we fight in the streets and attack one another over whatever comes out of his mouth, it’s really a sad state of affairs. So the real question for all Americans is where do we go from here?

Will America stand up to Trump and stop all his challenges to a fair and proper election or will these Trump supporters be allowed to continue to devastate and destroy our country?

Here is a fact few will get or hear out there, Hillary Clinton, who lost to Trump by the same electoral college vote count, and beat him in the popular vote, have the brains and common courtesy to concede the election in 2016, at a lil after 3 am on November 4th that year. Four years later the same electoral Vote count 306 to 232 exists against Trump for Biden and Biden also beat Trump by well over seven million votes in the popular vote too, yet Trump acts like a petulant child, spoiled and crying he won when he didn’t, he isn’t even man enough to admit defeat! Now that is sad for him and for the country. He should be ashamed of himself and so should the Republicans, for in the end Hillary Rodham Clinton has proven she is a bigger and better person than Donald J. Trump can ever be, she stepped aside knowing she lost to save the Democracy and Republic and Constitution we all live under and love. Makes Hillary a better man then Trump is if you want to use that phrase!

While we start 2021, we have to wonder what other tricks or tries Trump will put out there to try to stay in power. He doesn’t care if you survive coronavirus, or need healthcare, he doesn’t care if your broke, homeless or anything else, he cares about himself is all. Sadly, that is what we have to live with for the next 20 days folks and if Congress, Senator Hawley and others can’t understand that and stop ripping at the fabric that is America, it’s Democracy and Republic and it’s constitution, the damages they will bring will open America up to take over by our enemies. There is no excuse for ignorance or stupidity at these levels in our society or government folks. the Midterm elections will come fast, and if they vote to overturn the electoral counts, we should vote each one out of office that does and move to Impeach each from office, in their own states.

Charges should be filed against each, for sedition against the United States, and they should be arrested, for destroying our country and opening us up to the dangers of being attacked and taken over by outside influences. Sadly, they will continue to do it anyway, and I am not stupid enough to think they won’t, but I also know they are blinded by their fear of Trump and their blind loyalty to him will destroy America but also their political careers forever. It will stain each of them. This is the problem with sycophants folks, they get so blinded and follow whatever their leader says and end up dead or destroyed themselves taking all around them down with them and their so called leader. Don’t believe me look back in history folks, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and now, Donald J. Trump cult leaders, is all they are. All Trump will ever be is a Game Show Host folks, and fittingly, it was called The Apprentice, for he never rose above that level.

I pray 2021 will bring us faster vaccination procedures, and more vaccine against covid-19. I pray American will be given economic relief and aid as needed, I pray the climate changes will be fought and cease to destroy the planet we live on. I pray solutions will come for all of the above and our children will not have to pay a price far too high to live with.

I pray we find a cure for all cancers too. I pray I survive and my cancer ridden wife survives as long as she wishes too! I pray when I die to die without pain or long suffering of any kind.

Most of ALL, I wish all, World-wide, A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year, May all improve and get better for all!

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