Week 17, NFL rolls on to it’s ending!

Ok, January 2021 is underway, and the NFL looks like it will finish it’s regular season on time. Amazingly, it as struggled through well enough it seems.

I have avoided picking games all season, because i have been very busy with medical for my wife and her cancer treatments. The NFl was always a pastime of mine on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays and I used to pick games at one point. Even us men will give up our ball games to try to keep our loves alive when they are cancer ridden. so I have abstained and concentrated on what is really important this year.

Week 17 is upon us folks for NFL Fans so I will give it one shot. Lets pick the games for ya all and see if I do well when it is over.

Vikings over Lions by 7, Vikings were embarrassed last week, they will make it up here.

Bucs over Falcons by 3

Patriots over Jets by 10

Bills Over Dolphins by 7

Steelers over Browns by 10

Cowboys over Giants by 3

Ravens over Bengals by 7

Colts over Jaguars by 14

Titans run over Texans by 14

Cardinals Up set Rams by 7, My Upset of the week.

Saints over Panthers by 10

Packers over Bears by 14

Chiefs over Chargers by 7

Seahawks over 49ers, by 3

Raider over Broncos by 10

Washington, over Eagles by 7 in a close one

That’s how I see the season ending folks. Now I will admit I may be off for I have seen no more then parts of two games all season, so forgive me, if I am way off.

Now coaching changes will take place in LA Chargers, Detroit Lions, New York Jets, Maybe more.

Question, is Mike Zimmer safe in Minnesota? You tell me folks!

As much as I love the NFL and the game itself, I can not hope and like underdogs always have and always will. So lets see how the playoffs line up next. Until then, I hope all enjoy the picks and games.

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