Donald J. Trump should be arrested for Sedition against the American Government period!

America has to face what Trump is doing and survive and Biden / Harris will take over January 20th, no matter what he does, or doesn’t do. The American People spoke during the 2020 Election and Trump lost period. He has to face he must pack up and go, period.

This Trump bullshit, he is pulling now, is pure panic not based on facts it’s all lies and stories he is using to pacify himself, because he knows once he leaves office on January 20th, 2021, he will be hit with lawsuits and criminal charges and he fears them and possible prison time.

The question is no longer why Trump is doing what he is, it is more what are the Republicans doing supporting this sedition act he is trying to pull off? Trying to overturn an election won free and clear and by the margins Biden/ Harris won and threatening to cause a commotion in the congress over it, will reflect on said Republicans for the rest of their political careers and may end their political careers, for many of them. Americans have memories Republicans, we will remember what you are doing here, and when the next Republican President Elect comes up, be prepared for a return volley of hell full proportions. If you think the almost 80, million Americans who voted for Biden/ Harris are going to lay down and take it and not respond in kind, your out of your minds, because they will!

Are the current Republicans in Congress, both House and Senate so afraid of Donald J. Trump, they can’t get together in a united front, call in the Democrats and march to the White House and tell Trump he must go, for the good of the Democracy and Republic of America?

I give it to Barry Goldwater and the rest who said enough to Nixon, grew a set of balls and marched up to the Oval Office and told Nixon he had to go. At least they showed the American people that no man is above the laws of this land and did their duty to preserve and protect the country and constitution we live under. This bunch of Republicans led by Mitch McConnell, and others are a bunch of wimps and kiss asses, scared of Donald J, Trump and his Twitter followers is all. Grow a set McConnell and Republicans, get with democrats and march to the Oval Office and tell Trump he is done and to go home now!. if you don’t, you should realize, we The American People are watching, paying attention and remembering all you do, and elections come fast, every two, four and six years at best, enjoy you short stays in those offices, for The American People will make changes next election, will that be you leaving?

January 6th, 2021 will bring the Georgia Senate Runoffs, and the decision of the Georgia Voters as to who will control the Senate. Now, if The Democrats win both Senate Seats, Mitch McConnell wil be done as Senate Leader. even if they don’t win, McConnell will face the wrath of the Biden/ Harris Administration for letting this sit happen to America. It’s a no win situation for the Republicans and they don’t even realize it. They will either way it goes folks, because in the end they will have to answer for their actions or lack of action in this sedition act currently happening.

As we all await and watch for the results of this, I wonder, do the Republicans know or understand the full consequences of that which they are doing and how long lasting it will be, and what can happen in return?

Let me say this to the Republicans backing this plan to vote against the certification of Biden’s Win, We will have all the names of you who do so, so be prepared to battle for your political lives once you do.

Lastly, let me say this, never in our American History has an American President been so destructive or childish over losing an Election! Donald J. Trump should be arrested for Sedition against the American Government period!

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