Will Congress and Authorities react to what Trump caused and did!.

What took place on January 6th, 2021 was a disgrace, an attack on the United States Government. led by The President of The United States Donald J. Trump and incited by him in every way with his words and actions. The Trump Supporters who did this will be walking around bragging about what they did, they are all on tape folks. Sooner or later the police will knock on all your doors, I hope all who entered the Capitol get charged and jailed. It was an attack on America period, in the end Biden/ Harris was still certified and the change will still happen.They accomplished not a damn thing except destruction, raising of fear and anger on the other side now. So what will happen to those that caused it all or did it all? Will anyone be punished or arrested and when? Will Trump walk away free from all of this when his term expires? When will we know, for sure folks?

We now have a man in The Oval Office of the White House that has caused sedition, violence, and is responsible for inciting a riot and the death of a woman. So what is Congress and the Prosecutors in DC going to do, with it all?

In all of America’s History never have we had an American President turn against the Country and Government he is running, until Donald J. Trump! The Real question is Does Congress, both House act on it all or leave Trump be? If you allow Trump to walk away and get away with it, what precedent are you setting for future Presidencies? Congress Needs to act on this soon, and fast!

Biden/ harris will take over on January 20th, the game for Trump is up and over, time for him to go. Let him go to prison for his crimes. New York awaits with charges, DC will now have charges too. and in the end so will The Federal Government. what they will amount to is yet to be determined for sure. Four dead, hundreds of thousands in damages to The Capitol of the Country, and a President who ignited it all! Will Congress and Authorities react to what Trump caused and did!.

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