Logic and Common Sense,now. Trump will go!

Impeachment will take too long, The 25th Amendment, Pence won’t agree to, for Trump will only accept it, if he is pardoned and Pence won’t pardon him. The best thing to do is to keep Trump Isolated and alone! Let time run out! The best solution is total isolation, use Pence for decisions and advice and avoid Trump at all cost, the isolation will drive Trump crazy, because he is an attention hog and must be the center of it all.

Once he is out of Office on January 20th, 2021, he can be arrested and charged as needed, and all cases against Trump may proceed, including those for Sedition, acts against America as Treason, Rape, Sexual Harassment of women, Tax Evasion and so much more.

Congress must get back to work and get behind Biden/ Harris and get the country fighting Covid-19, repairing the economy and helping the homeless, jobless and hungry and ill of America get help and assistance.

I agree fully Trump must pay for what he has done, in one way or another and no, I do not support Trump and never have and never voted for him, so I am not protecting him in anyway.

I just believe America must move forward, vaccinate all of it’s people stop the deaths from Covid-19, then create jobs, and move for healthcare for all. Bringing Trump and his cronies to Justice can be left to the incoming Attorney General and Congress after January 20th, 2021 when we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Office.

Priorities must be that way, Trump is done and he knows it folks, he did what he did, to try to stay in power to avoid being arrested, charged and convicted for crimes he knows he committed and can’t escape. So he set it all into motion with his speeches and hate mongering and lies, and now, we have to recover, but we must put our need for vengeance aside, until we have a fully functioning Government in place, we can trust.

That will be January 20th, 2021 at 12 noon folks. Let Trump cower and hide where ever he wishes, unless he leaves America and runs to a different country with a strict law against extradition, he will be brought to justice. If he does skip out and run folks, once he is out of Office he will be broke, dead broke in less than one year, on someone’s other than America’s soil. They will take his money period from him. So go ahead run, Trump, run!

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