That, my fellow Americans is and will be consequential for our future as a nation!

January 8th, 2021 is upon us folks. we are now, 12 days from the Biden/ Harris team taking over the White House and a new hope is rising in America.

As we begin to recover from The January 6th, debacle, and insurgency, at the Capitol, that was just outright treason and sedition, we must look forward. We can’t let what happened stop us from moving forward as a nation and a country at home or abroad. nations are now looking at us going, how was this possible, I can tell you how it was possible folks, it all started when people climbed on board Trump’s bandwagon at the 2016 Election and put him in Office. I still can’t believe to this day, that so many Americans were taken in, baffled and boondoggled and convinced that Trump would be good for America. sadly, it happened and those who voted for him should hide their heads now. For you elected the worst President in American History and the most dangerous and damaging one to your own country! The fault lays at your feet Trump Supporters, you were too blind, too ignorant and too foolish to realize what you were voting for, in the 2016 election. sadly, it has now come to fruition and we are faced with a President who is a megalomaniac, a petulant child, and a narcissist, and we have to survive till he is gone, on January 20th, 2021.

As I said in my prior blog, time is the problem here, we do not have the time to enact the 25th Amendment, and even if they did, Trump still has 24 hours to fight it with a written letter to Congress. Secondly, Vice President Pence, won’t do so, because if he does, Trump will be asking him for a full pardon for the crimes he has committed, and I don’t believe Pence will do that, at all.

Then, we face another Impeachment attempt right? Well I would argue we do not have the days left to commence or complete such an Impeachment Proceeding. It would take far too long, for it to happen, we don’t have time for all those hearings and objections by die-hard Trump supporters, do we? Do we need to hear Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Howley try to defend Trump, when we know they are full of shit, nope we don’t. So there you have it folks, it’s a bunch of crap to try either effort at this point in time.

You want to get Trump for the crimes he committed against America, well here is what you should do.

1) Allow Trump to expire his term in Office and leave on 20 January 2021, but keep him isolated off Twitter, FaceBook and other social Media Platforms, and his family too.

2) On January 20th, 2021, make sure all evidence against Trump is assembled and packaged and already presented to the next Attorney General, and the incoming Attorney General signs the warrants for Trump’s arrest before the swearing in ceremony of Biden and Harris.

3) At 11:59 Am, when Trump leaves the Oval Office, he should be arrested before he is allowed to leave the White House Grounds, in front of the whole world on Television.

4) All Republicans who took a part in these acts or are responsible for the acts of January 6th, 2021, should be arrested, and charged also. This includes the actual rioters, and the Senators and Congress people, who, brought it upon, us all.

5) These are acts of Treason, sedition and dishonor, and they should get punished for their crimes. The current Senators and Congress people holding office, have broken their oaths to the Constitution and the Country they took. Ban them from Holding Office and remove the stain they put upon us all as a nation. They do not deserve to serve. Nor should they or Trump be allowed to run for Office ever again.

Doing all the Above, will show the world, we are still a nation of laws and justice and a leader on the world stage. If we allow Trump, his cronies and supporters who accomplished this to go free, we are enabling others to do the same in the future. It can not be allow America, we must make it all end here permanently. If we don’t, we show weakness to the world, to the American People and to ourselves too, and that my fellow Americans is and will be consequential for our future as a nation and democracy/ republic and in the world too.

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