To The Senate and House of Representatives

January 9th, 2021- As America attempts to recover from the attack and storming of it’s Capital, the man who incited it, caused it now hides within it! he ha snow been isolated, his every word and action watched and accounted for, banned from the social media platforms that made him President in the first place, Twitter Instagram, and Facebook all shut down his accounts. So, when Twitter shut down his @RealDonald Trump, he figured to use the Potus Account on Twitter to reach his followers, Twitter caught it and shut him down there also by immediately removing his posts. Now he has no more social media from which to rant and rave and lie on, to reach his violent supporters. Instagram and Facebook has shut him down also.

It has been reported by Twitter, that a second attack or storming of the U.S. Capital is being planned on its service, and they are warning Washington, The Senate and House of Representative it can be coming on the 17th of January. I hope the DC Police, FBI, Secret Service, are getting ready for it all and that it will be stopped. America is the Land of The Free and Home of the Brave, we are a democracy and republic folks, these acts of sedition, rebellion and violence can not be allowed to happen again. As Ben Franklin said when the Constitution was formed, ” We will have a Republic for as long as the American People let us have a Republic”!. Remember that folks, for if you like your children living free, given a chance to prosper, work, learn and grow up free, we must work to keep out Republic safe, strong and united now!

Those Senators who helped Trump incite this violent attack on the Capital, Cruz, Howley, Graham and others, all should be removed from Office and banned immediately, if not banned it will only encourage others to do the same in the future. The lies and violence brought about by the lies of these individuals put the American Republic and it’s Democracy at stake on the 6th of January 2021. They can not be allowed to walk our hallowed halls of The Senate or House of Representatives anymore, the example they have set is horrible.

In 11 days, a new Administration will take Office and the Leadership of America over. The world is watching folks, how will Trump leave is the biggest question right now? Will he leave peacefully, and on his own resigning, or be impeached a second time or will Pence use the 25th Amendment ?

The way I see it is with 11 days to go, what Congress both the house and senate need to do is ban Donald J. Trump from ever running for public office again immediately in America, based on charges of sedition and inciting violence against the country. He must be stopped from ever running again for President or any other office in American Politics and Government now. If The House and Senate have nothing else they can do, but isolate him and let him ride his term out, then they should at least ensure he can never do this again, by banning him from holding Public Office in America.

America will have to recover from this next. It will not be an overnight recovery, the damage is too severe and serious here. It will take a President with courage, honor and firm belief in the Constitution and country as a whole to heal us now. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the ones to do this, and we must all now support them and help them heal us. They need our support to recover our honor, to recover from and fight the corona virus/ Covid-19, to put America back together economically and on the world stage. The American Police forces must be fixed as the Capital Police and Security forces must also. Lets get behind Biden and Harris folks, it’s time and we are only 11 days from the change in America’s directions.

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