What of the next President who does the same, what then?

In America we face a major decision, on what to do with Corrupt, dangerous and criminal President who incited an attack against America and it’s Democracy, and the Republic we live in. This is a traitorous act of sedition, Donald J. Trump has done and there is no doubt, he did it either.

The real Question is why Mike Pence the Vice President will not start and do the 25th Amendment with support from cabinet and remove Donald J. Trump, after Trump left him sitting in the Capital and did not even bother to call or check on him. It is obvious to me and most Americans. Donald J. Trump is a danger to our country, he is unstable mentally and emotionally and is like a petulant child who wants revenge. According to all reports he is ranting in the White House about losing the Election and regretting saying her will do a peaceful transition. These acts alone make him a danger, add in the incitement of violence and sedition against our Government and you have a deadly mixture for destruction of America as a Republic. So why is the Vice President not reacting to all of this and enacting the 25th Amendment? You tell me folks!

As I look at it,Trump has nine days left in office, even with the Impeachment process started, there is no time to complete it by January 20th. yes they need to do it, to ensure he never can run for public office or hold public office again, but it won’t complete, until after his term, is complete.

So, now, as we sit and wait to see what happens in all of this mess, and how Washington recovers from the attack on it’s Capitol, what do we do from here and how do we get the Vice President to act at all? You tell me folks, why a Vice President who had to be hidden away on January 6th, and heard people yell to Hang Him at Trump’s insistence, has not acted at all? Is he Afraid of Trump? Is it because he wants to run for President himself in the future, for I believe that road is closed to him now, as Trump’s Vice President. Mike Pence will not make president, even if he runs in the future, his support of Trump has killed any chances he has at that, now. So Why is Pence not acting, Trump can’t tweet Pence down, he can’t use mobile media against Pence anymore and Trump is isolated it seems. Pence needs to be told his life was at stake and the man he is supporting made it that way. Get the cabinet members together Pence, do the right thing, use the 25th and remove Trump for the good of America!

I appreciate the work being done by The House and Speaker Pelosi and her members at this time, but, unless Pence acts, Trump can walk away from the Presidency and in the end it will take a long legal process to get him. And we all know there is no guarantee, what Mitch McConnell and the Republicans will do in the Senate.

Otherwise he may leave office without being charged with sedition or acts against the Government. he has billions in money,plus funds he collected for a future Presidential run, he will fight any charges in court delaying any action. he may even die after leaving Office and get away with all, he has done! Is that what Pence wants and the Republicans, to not charge Trump and for Americans to let this go, because if so, someone will need to address the damages he caused to the Government, the Capitol, and to the six people who died! Don’t we the people deserve justice and to see Trump removed and charged with the crimes he committed? What about the families of the six who died folks, don’t they deserve justice for their lost family members? I think all do, at this stage and to allow Trump to get away with all would be disastrous, dangerous and set a bad precedent for all. What of the next President who does the same, what then?

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