Like Benedict Arnold, Trump must be banned from public history, and he must be removed from America.

Last night The House of Representatives of the United States of America, took a historic vote and approved to have Donald J. Trump removed as President under the 25th Amendment. Sadly, the Vice President Mike Pence will not act to remove Trump, why, we don’t know for sure, but he claims it is too late to do, so. So, The House will Impeach Donald J. Trump for a Second Time in his term in office and that has never happened in American History, it will now.

The historic ramifications from this and throughout the world can not be said enough or realized enough. The United States Capitol was overrun, mobs roamed the halls and destroyed property and equipment and forced Senators and Congressmen and Women to have to run and hide in secure places. Yet, the current Vice President, Pence does not have the guts and balls to stand up and take control and stop Trump from going further and destroying more of America?

This is sad, it is unrealistic and in the end a disgrace Pence himself will have to live with forever also. All know Pence had Presidential ambitions in the future, but he must now understand, because of his backing of Donald J. Trump and not acting to remove Trump under the the 25th, he has blown all chances at ever running and winning himself. His Political career is now over just as much as Trump’s shall be for they are forever linked in time and history. The House of Representatives and Speaker Pelosi gave Pence his chance to save his name and reputation and political career, he refused it, backing Trump to finish his term in office.

As to what the conversation was between Trump and Pence in the Oval Office when this came up, all we know is it was amicle and peaceful and Trump convinced Pence they will complete their term in office together. He also told Pence it will be a peaceful turnover of power come January 20th, 2021. Yet, plans were made by Trump supporters nationwide to attack every capitol in each state and re-attack the Capitol in Washington, DC between the 16th and 19th of January prior to Biden taking office. These plans are still in place, Vice President Pence and as you well know, President Trump has not acted to stop them in anyway, which means, if they go off as planned, you will be held just as responsible for all that happens as Trump. You’re tied together now at the hip and your gullible enough to believe Trump, that is sad. when the riots and protests start again Mike Pence and he leaves the nation out to dry and destroy itself, he will also be leaving you out to dry with it. He did it once on January 6th, to you Pence, he will do it again, he doesn’t care.

As we roll toward the end of Trump’s Presidency, and the fear and anger in America grows, I remind all, if you destroy the Republic and Democracy we have as a Nation, you destroy America, period. Let me say this to all, who believe Trump won and believe his lies, there is no way to steal an election held in 50 states, in all different locations, and the pure numbers show, Biden won in the popular vote by over seven million votes and the electoral college vote by a margin of 306 to 232. The numbers do not lie!

Lastly by not the least here, President Donald J. Trump, is a phoney, a liar, a cheat and a grift artist is all. His businesses are failing, banks are leaving him, partners walking away, his companies are done like he is and he knows it. If your not seeing it, it is all over the news worldwide. Open your eyes, Trump has created sycophants and they blindly follow him, and that is dangerous America. The Trump administration is over, Donald J. Trump will go down in history as the worst US President, his name will be banned and looked down on worldwide, he will be scorned and he is a disgrace. There should be no Trump Library either!

The Legacy and the future of Trump and his Offspring and family name is done, no one will want to deal with or associate with any Trumps period. There will be no more Trumps in line to any political office or position ever. Matter of fact, Donald J. Trump will be remembered in History as a Benedict Arnold !

Benedict Arnold, betrayed America and so has Donald J. Trump! Like Benedict Arnold, Trump must be banned from public history, and he must be removed from America. Donald J. Trump deserves what happened to Benedict Arnold, expulsion from America, never allowed back, no Secret Service Protection, no Pension, No Insurance, just banishment! He deserves to die on foreign soil, isolated and ignored, from now on.

In the meantime, all must work to keep our country safe from the hate and violence Trump has incited, and prevent further sedition and damage to America and Americans. for the first time in American History, we have a President who has been Impeached once and had the House of Representatives vote for the 25th amendment to be used against him for removal and will have a Second Impeachment done to him, in one four year term! Trump must go, whether he completes his term of not, and he must be banned from ever holding public office again and so must his offspring.

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