We can never Elect another person like Donald J. Trump again!

Today is January 14th, 2021, We have now seen Donald Trump Impeached twice, our economy nosedived, and jobs disappeared, and medical coverages disappear for many people. Covid-19 has struck America at a greater rate than anywhere else in the world. Death totals grow and cases grow also, because people refuse to listen to logic, science and common sense, they refuse to wear masks, and social distance as they have been told and given the advice to do. Sadly, President Trump, pushed his refusal of wearing masks and social distancing to a point beyond what anyone wanted and now many of his followers will come down with the virus too and how many more will die due to his inactions and his speaking against the advice of science and medical experts? So, donald J. Trump is guilty of leading these people who follow him to their sickness and deaths from this covid-19 virus. All he had to do was tell america to wear masks and social distance he would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, but he refused to do it. Shortly he will be gone from the Presidency and be facing legal charges elsewhere, for numerous crimes he has committed before and as President. He is done Trump followers, although many of you refuse to know it or believe it. He won’t be running again in 2024, nobody, not even the Republican Party is dumb enough to run a candidate who was already Impeached twice. so trumps time is over and his dyas numbered he must now, leave the White House on January 20th, by 12 noon or be ushered out by legal authorities or military personnel. No violent attacks on each states capital will help Trump, nor will it be justice for anyone, he lost big time, and then refused to admit it and incited insurrection, folks. Donald J. Trump is about one foot from a prison sentence and conviction as a criminal in State Courts never mind his senate Trial coming. It is time to move on for America, we must recover, we must correct the problems and correct them and never again, make the same mistake, we can never Elect another person like Donald J. Trump again!

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