Donald Trump, Remember, Arnold was forced to flee America and never return for what he did!

Today in my area newspaper,, delivered to me, I happened to flash by the editorial Page and see an article titled, America will regret Trump Leaving?

I read the article and then went what the hell is wrong with people these days, are they so blind and so hypnotized by Trump that they truly believe he was good for America? As I read the article I felt a bile rise in my throat and the urge to throw up come upon me. It was filled with false statements, lies and innuendos, and more of the bullshit rhetoric, that Donald Trump has been spouting for months. The facts were colored to make him look good and made it sound like America will miss him. No one will folks!

How can you miss a man who with every word out of his mouth , he lies to America? How can you miss a man responsible for over 300 hundred thousand deaths due to a virus he knew was coming? How can you miss a man, who isolated america from the world, pulled us out of Climate Control Pacts, separated us from allies across the world, destroyed people’s healthcare and failed to keep promises he made from day one? How can you regret Trump leaving the Oval Office when all he has done is damage America, he harmed race relationship, destroyed police departments and ways, and in the end incited riots and anger and attacks against the countries capital he is supposed to be leading and doesn’t? Explain that to me please!

All Trump ever was and ever will be is a grifter and con man, period. Now I hear Donald Trump does not want to hear about comparisons to Richard Nixon! So, I won’t compare the two, but I will say this to Donald J. Trump, Richard M. Nixon was more of a man and patriot than you shall ever be, he at least Resigned on his own, before dragging, America down into the shit pits, like you have. Nixon did what was right for the country, you can’t and won’t even admit you lost the election, that’s sad. You ferment hate and incite anger and riots against the capital of the country you are supposed to be President of, that is sad. You attempted to overturn a legally held election, that you lost by a wide margin, 306 to 232 electoral votes and over 7 million vote of the popular vote by. Then, told your supporters to protest and walk down to the Capitol and take it over, and they did and they killed 3 people and injured numerous others and destroyed property. That is your fault Donald J. Trump period!.

No one will miss you Donald J. Trump on January 21st, 2021 or any other day once you go. Many will breathe a sigh of relief that you are gone and i for one hope The Senate convicts you at your trial and bans you from political office in America period. In my book you deserve to be driven from office and never allowed to speak publically, again in America. You should also have to return all the funds you collected for any future runs for office to the people you took them from. Why are you collecting funds for future political runs when you know your a double impeached President already and can never run again anyway, you would never win? Return the money to all those souls now!.

I want you to know Donald J. Trump, you destroyed America on the world stage, you destroyed america here at home, domestically, you ruined the peace and prosperity of the country. You failed horribly, in all areas. Mexico did not pay for any wall as you promised they would. You never finished the wall either. You promised new healthcare for all and killed ObamaCare to get there and never cared who is without insurance now. You promised to bring jobs back from overseas not a one came back either. The damages you have inflicted on America, far outweigh any Richard Nixon did in his days, during Watergate. What’s really bad Donald J. Trump is simple here, Your a coward, a grifter, a liar and a thief, add in a sexual harasser and rapist, and tax evader and draft evader also. A total disgrace is what you are Donald J. Trump!.

Now as you leave the White House and Capitol Grounds on January 20th, 2021, don’t look back please! You must now face all the criminal and civil charges ahead of you and the immediate concern for you should be, where will you live? Mar A lago is over limits as a permanent residence the agreement you signed there says you can’t live there no more than two weeks a year. So Florida doesn’t want you, New York said good riddance when you left also and will be charging you. There will be charges from the District of Columbia and more for Insurrection and sedition against the US Government. You won’t pay Rudy for his services and you think another Attorney is going to represent you without being paid up front now? I doubt it! I know if I were an Attorney and you tried to hire me and i saw you didn’t pay Rudy what you owed him, I wouldn’t take you on as a client, any Attorney with brains knows this too.

So Donald J. Trump, where to go next, what to do next, and how to live on after you did a Benedict Arnold, on the only country you ever had? Donald Trump, Remember, Arnold was forced to flee America and never return for what he did, I think the same should be done to you!

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