What will become of Americans like us?

I proudly served my country, in three different branches of Service, Army, Army National Guard and Navy. My thought was never about me as I served, it was always about my loved ones back home. I am growing older now and will be 65, on January 25th, 2021. My Medical and Dental coverage is only through the Veterans Administration and God Bless them they have saved my life once already, when I got Lung Cancer in 2013, they took a lobe and a third of my right lung to keep me going and cancer has not come back since. I owe the Veterans Administration and my Primary Doctor there for saving me, they caught it all, in a survey.

I have been taking care of my wife, who is a cancer victim also since 2006, her breast cancer has come back and has spread to her bones. I care for her daily and feed her and buy what she needs in meds and in hygiene needs and more. I pay all of this, plus our regular bills, from my disability payments I get monthly. we barely squeak by normally, paying our bills as we go of course. Like many Americans. we are not, rich at all.

Medical Costs would bury us if not for Medicaid and Medicare for her and an AARP Insurance coverage we pay for her, for. Life is not a bowl of jelly and fun that’s for sure anymore. Our home needs windows and repairs, our cars are now old and costs in repairs, too. So we use them as little as possible to get to and from Doctors Offices, Hospitals and stores only when needed. Each day is slow and we plow through staying alive. as we go.

I have no coverage insurance wise myself, can’t afford it for medical or dental so like i say the Veterans do it for me when I can get there or in emergencies of course. I have PTSD, six herniated discs in my spine, am a cancer survivor and have sleep apnea also. I just wish it were better for us at times, when things go south or go bad for us.

I went down to the Veteran’s Hospital last week for a dental problem I have. The doctor took one look and said I have no teeth left on the bottom of my mouth and he is hoping to save the nub of the one with the cavity in it if he can. But I will need work on it, they will pay for the nerves. I asked the Doctor about having my lower teeth removed and replaced with implants at that time. His reply was it would be an intense and extensive process to do it, because my jaw on the bottom needs bone work to it. so he said he wouldn’t do it at the Veterans Hospital, it would be too much,

I looked into Clear Choice Dental to have Dental Implants done and tried to price it. I haven’t gone for a consultation yet, but online estimates say a minimum of 28 grand to get it done or maybe a lot more due to bone surgery. I don’t have that kind of money, so I live with bad teeth, falling apart, and chew carefully, as I go. I wish I had an alternative to get full mouth implants to eat with and to help my health, but I don’t so, I will have to live, without.

Dental pain is daily for me, and not much can be done. If I remove the teeth I will have none to eat with so it’s is a catch 22 situation, I live through. But, life shall go on, I will continue, and won’t surrender for sure. If my wife who is 16 years my senior can hang on with her ongoing cancer, I will do the same with my dental problems. That seems to be our status for now, anyway.

I look about and see many coming down with Covid-19, many deaths and cases each day. Others with no place to live and fighting for food for their families to survive. They live week to week on unemployment checks or stand in food lines to pick up food for their family. They have no insurance at all and they fear for their lives at this time. I wonder, is anyone listening and paying attention anymore in America? Does anyone in power, In Washington, see what is really happening now a days, to proud Americans who served, or any American?

Being born when I was in 1956, we lived in peace. People got along, and it didn’t matter what your skin color was, your race or ethnic background. People broke down on the road, people stopped to help change a tire or give them a lift to a phone or gas station. Now a days, you break down, they honk at you, they fly by and almost run ya over. we who grew up in the 1950′ and 1960s, and some in the 70’s, were brought up to be in we society, one for all, all for one. It isn’t that way anymore folks!

The 1980s, till now has changed it all in America, it is now a me, me, me society! I will get mine and screw you is the attitude now. People fly by people broken down on the roads, or hungry or homeless, no assistance is given these days and none seems expected anymore. sadly, this is how America has become and progressed to the 21st century now. It really is a shameful statement but a truthful one, if you stop, to think about it, folks.

It has become fully apparent and obvious to all now, we have a President who cares for no one but himself, and the population of America has followed him. Soon he will be gone from office. There is no mercy, no help, no caring or empathy allowed it seems. What will America become if we can not show mercy, empathy or caring to one another, you tell me!

Time shall tell, I am sure, but, I am growing old now, my body aches, my shoulders are shot, I am riddled with arthritis and I have PTSD, six herniated discs and have survived lung cancer as I said. I do what I can for my wife and keep her home and going, the best I can even if she is sixteen years my senior, I won’t leave her alone. What will become of Americans like us?

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