Let History paint Donald J. Trump for being the worst President ever

Rumor has it Donald Trump wants a red carpet,\ send off when he leaves, next wednesday morning! He wants a 21 gun salute and the red carpet, well, he shouldn’t be allowed one.

The type of send-off Donald Trump should get is one, in an orange jumpsuit, and taken to prison for all Americans to see.

Donald Trump, I remind all, is responsible for over 350, ooo covid-19 deaths, a failed wall he never got Mexico to build or pay for, an economy that is now in non-existence, killing of Obama-Care, he never replaced it either as he said he would. Add in the inciting of the attack on the capital, Insurrection, lying to all of America and the world, so, in my opinion, Donald J. Trump should be removed from Washington, DC. by being tarred and feathered and put on a pole and carried out!

Donald Trump is equal to Benedict Arnold folks, he should be banished from America for the rest of his life. I hear Donald J. Trump doesn’t like it when he is compared to Richard Nixon. Well, I wouldn’t make that comparison myself, because Richard Nixon avoided, Impeachment and Resigned for the good of the country, and Donald Trump won’t no matter what. In my book that makes Nixon the better man of the two, period. Nixon at least had the heart and balls to leave on his own, Trump will leave also, but it shouldn’t be with any honors. Trump deserves no Secret Service Protection or Pension till he dies either nor any Medical Coverage. He forfeited all of that, when he incited the riots on the Capitol. Why should America, give this man any send-off when he leaves, he doesn’t deserve one period!

Donald J. Trump, destroyed America, he incited angry mobs and criminals, he had them attack the Capitol ! He should be in prison period. The Capitol, The Senate and The House and White House are all the People’s Houses not Trumps. The best part of January 2021 is coming fast, for on the 20th, at 12 noon, Donald J. Trump will be gone, never to return again. Being the only President Impeached twice in one four year term, will make it clear to all. No President, was ever Impeached twice in one term before, and hopefully no one will, ever again. Let History paint Donald J. Trump for being the worst President ever and the first to leave in full disgrace, it is what he deserves.

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