It will under Biden/ Harris!

The final days of the Trump Administration will go down as the worst in American History, just like his full presidency will. Donald J. Trump is a grifter, a con man, and a damn leader of a cult of Maga followers that almost destroyed America. He incited the rioters and the assault on the US Capital and then sat back in the White House watching it all happen, as his Vice President came under siege and was almost hung from a made up scaffold on the White House Lawn. He didn’t move or say a damn thing to stop it, until his daughter was called in and told him to, that is sad.

Trump plans to Pardon or commute sentences of 100 more people or so, before he leaves office. His Pardons so far are obvious and the ones who accepted then, know they needed them, which means each one was guilty, especially those closest to him. Flynn, Stone, Popadopalis, Manafort, and more all quilty , do they know that by accepting the Pardons, they admit to guilt and it affects the rest of their lives and careers? Do they know, like Rudy Giuliani, that their careers are over now, Rudy is about to be disbarred by the New York Bar! All because he chose like others to take up Trump’s cause and back Trump in his refusal to admit, defeat in the 2020 election.

I will laugh if Trump attempts to pardon himself or his children too, for in the end it will show not only is Trump guilty, but his children and Jared Kushner are too. Good luck to Ivanka and Jared when they try to return to New York City in a few days too, New Yorkers don’t want them there. Florida has told Trump he can’t keep a permanent residence in Mar a Lago either, so I hope he has other homes he can use somewhere. Trump signed a contract in Mar a Lago that he agreed to not permanently reside there.

The leaving of Trump and his wanting a full ceremony type deal to go, is all bullshit and self aggrandizing on his part. The man is an absolute failure as a President period, everything he touched he destroyed, sadly. But no one will care if he goes on a red carpet and with a 21 gun salute, all will only care he is gone from the Office and power, back to a civilian where he can be charged as fast as possible. He will face numerous criminal charges and civil charges and cases immediately. What’s worse is he is basically broke, the Trump brand is so far damaged, no one wants to associate with it. You tell me who wants to have the Trump name on their building or property now? I know, I would never want it!

Once Trump is gone, the mess that he leaves behind has damaged America at home and abroad. Biden/ Harris will be cleaning up from him for most of their term, if not all, of it. The Wall has to be stopped, and the money pulled back, Healthcare must be restarted for all, Covid-19 must be fought and the vaccines put out fast, then you have the economic mess and the loss of jobs, the international damage to America’s reputation and standing in the world must be fixed. We have to get the Climate under control and re-enter the Climate Agreements. The damages brought upon this nation are massive from race relations, to so much more, all need repaired now.

Biden’s Appointment of The Attorney General will be key in many things now. He will have to look at Trump’s behavior, his criminal actions, his inciting of the assault and people who performed it at the Capital. Including all of Trump’s speeches to do so. Trump called them to Washington, he rallied them to a high degree of anger and sent them down to the Capital. without Trump, it would never have happened. Why did it happen, because Trump refused to admit defeat, like a petulant child, he stomped his feet, shook his fist and screamed he won, when he didn’t. He still won’t admit he lost, till this day, nor will he ever concede, but, he will be gone in two days. Then the repairing and correcting of all he did, will begin, recovery will not be easy, but it will be possible believe me. America must remain strong, confident and sure of itself and move forward. It will under Biden/ Harris!

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