Convict Donald J. Trump

A new beginning is vital to America as a nation and it will affect how the world again looks at things as America re-enters it and participates once more. No America is not always right, nor are we always wrong, what we are is just. we are a just people who believe in justice for all, freedom for all and the rights of all who live on this planet to live in peace and prosperity and good health. All have choices we make, because we must under the conditions we were raised, the circumstances of our upbrings and the feelings of others around us. It is how we handle it all and how we carry on in peaceful manner that counts most.

As America now moves forward under the leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris it is vital we all remember certain things, 1) All men and Women are created Equal! 2) We all have the same rights and wants and needs, to survive. 3) We are all Americans, no matter our color, race, nationality, or status, we need to help one another period. 4) We can agree to disagree folks, but in the end we disagree on how to do things not what to do, for we all know, what must be done, for us, to create a more perfect union.

President Biden and Vice President Harris are a shining example now of America as it is today. One White, One Black and Asian, a mixture of all we have at our best. That mixture shows all worldwide we can and will get along, we can and will help one another and we can and will, be united as one under the American flag and it’s Laws and Principles. That is vital to all who are Americans, for in it we see the real future of this land, the real future of the world and the real future of mankind as humanity.

While we now go forward fighting climate change, racial wars and inequality, homelessness, helplessness, and hunger, we must remember all deserve to live, to be healthy and to be happy. we all, no matter color, race, nationality, deserve the same equal chances to be the best we can be, for our lifetimes.

America, America, God shed it’s grace on thee, with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. It’s true, whether we, the American people fight over our differences or disagreements or not, we are still one nation under God, Indivisible with Justice for All. We must maintain what our forefathers gave to us, for no where else, in world history has such a republic, and democracy ever stood. It must continue for we hold the light that leads the way to the future for mankind, the way to a life of peace and prosperity and justice for all in each of us, as American citizens.

So, lets do it together Americans, Let’s be one United Nation, One United People, once again!, Lets strive to defeat and kill off Covid-19, let’s fight to get healthcare for all, let’s fight for a better economy so we have no more homeless or hungry and most of all let’s do it as one.! For in doing so, as a United Country and People, we the people have the power to make it a better world for all in America and the world too. Our achievements, wil be achievements for all Americans, all mankind world-wide, lets strive for a better world!.

We can deal with past mistakes, past crimes, past issues, and we can do what is right to correct them if we try. It must be done for a closure to what has passed. We can’t allow one person to destroy America or it’s way of life, nor can we allow one man to stand above the rest and do as he pleases and break the laws of the land. So, yes I beseech The Senate to finish the Impeachment and Banishment of Donald J. Trump, the twice Impeached 45th President, from holding Office at another time in his lifetime.

I ask The Senate one major question, if you allow Donald J. Trump to walk away, free, from inciting an insurrection against the United States , with no punishment and full benefits from being President, what is to stop or prevent another President from doing it again or doing worse to our great nation and against our constitution? America needs Justice done, America demands Justice in this case, I implore The Senate and it’s members to realize what they need to do and to do it!

Convict Donald J. Trump, remove his protections and secret service details, remove his pension and healthcare and banish him from ever running for public office again.! Why are we the American People to be forced to pay for this man who revolted and caused an insurrection against our country, to live comfortably, and we have to support him? I think Not!

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