We are all part of one major faction on the planet, HUMANITY!

As the world goes on,on 22 January 2021, America struggles to revert to a prior status. America may never be the same after the departure of our last President. I pray for our country daily now, and hope we can recover in many ways. Will we, that is still the question, we all face!

The Senate needs to wake up and do what is right! No man, even if President or ex President should be above the law in anyway, especially if he caused Insurrection. I watched as America’s Capital became a war ground, and it disgusted me. Americans destroying American Property and killing and hurting one another, to follow a man who would not face reality, period. Yet Senate Republicans want to let the Trial sit and wait, when the first act should be to convict. Mitch McConnell needs to stop kissing Trump”s ass now, he is gone. Lindsey Graham needs to stop flipping over and over to service Trump also, Trump is gone Lindsey, it’s time to grow up. face real life and move on.

I was born under Eisenhower folks, I was small when he left office and JFK came along. JFK showed us a bright future and got us launched to reach the moon. we saw Johnson take over after JFK was killed, and each President after, attempted to do what was right, in someway. Until Nixon, who put himself before the nation, until he got caught. Now we have, had, Donald J. Trump the petulant child President, selfish, foolish and a criminal and now gone. Yet no President has done what Trump has and none, should ever be able to, again. Safeties must be placed, in place, to stop it.

America now needs leadership yes, but we also need time to heal to battle back against the last four years, the pandemic, unemployment, the job loses and the lack of healthcare and justice in America as a society. I served my Country in 3 branches Ladies and Gentlemen, I did my job as a American, I paid my price for it too. I stand today as a Disabled Veteran, I gave my health for America’s health and good will and so America will remain a democracy and republic. I suffer from PTSD, I suffer from six herniated discs in my spine, why because i served Uncle Sam in the years I could and I fought to stay in service too, but couldn’t, because I didn’t have full health, to do so. My fellow Veterans need help too for all they did, too, and I think most Americans know that today. But, America needs help, it needs a healing, a uniting, a gathering of it’s forces and a direction to go in. Joe Biden is providing one, if we just listen, folks!

Now all of the above said and meant, life goes on for me. I will turn 65 in a very few days. I have seen the best of America fly by, the days of glory and sadness also. I have seen Presidents live, serve and die. I have seen my parents raise me and die and life still go on. I have lived thru the end of the 50’s, the 60’s,70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and now into the 21st century. Each day and year brings changes, but one shining beacon is still here and has been for 245 years, America, the Republic, the Nation of Democracy and decency. the land where all are welcomed, accepted and treated the same under the laws we have and our constitution. We are now being led by our Forty Sixth President, we now have elected our first female Vice President, yet we suffer through racial inequality, unemployment, joblessness, homelessness and Americans without healthcare. we must strive to do better, climate control must be addressed just as bad as The Impeachment Trial of a former President who thought he was a Dictator and failed to do a damn thing right. we are suffering from the Election of President Trump even after he is gone and we must move on, but also address his crimes and make sure it can never happen again in America. Should America have to pay to protect a traitorous Ex-President who committed insurrection and sedition against his own country? Should we be providing him with a pension and Secret Service Protection and Healthcare till he dies, after all he did, to attempt to overthrow our own government, he was supposed to be leading? I think not folks, The Senate must hold the Impeachment Trial for all to see, and they must convict Donald Trump, for the world to see that America believes in Justice and let no man, stand alone without justice being served to him, or to the American people, for the crimes he committed, against our nation and people.

That said, let me say this as a soon to be 65 year old American, I am proud to be American, I am proud to have served my country. I am proud my family came from overseas and decided to come here so many generations ago, they came for promise, they came for peace, they came for the right, to choice of religion, to be treated as equals and to live in peace and good health. That is what America is about folks, we should not care where someone came from, what color their skin, what religion they follow or believe in, or if they are male or female, straight or gay, we should care they are Americans period. we strive as a melting pot, to become better everyday, every month, every year we are here, as Americans, to create a better union. Let’s do it and we may argue, disagree, and agree to disagree, we may have differences, but we all want to live free and in peace.

Lets fight the Pandemic together, wear masks, social distance, wait your turn for a vaccination, help one another and remember we are all part of one major faction on the planet, HUMANITY!

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