It’s offensive to me, to even think you would even consider not convicting Donald J. Trump

FACTS MATTER! I know not what all the world thinks or even all of America thinks, for I am not a swami, or magigican, or mind reader, but, I am a man who listens to public consent and thoughts as I walk the streets of the land. I live in.

FACTS DO MATTER! Lets face some here as we go along now under a brand new President in Joe Biden and a brand new Vice President in Harris. First facts to face are the numbers from the 2020 Election Cycle. The Numbers themselves tell the story when we are speaking Presidential Politics and in the end, when someone wins the popular vote by a margin of 81,283,485 votes to 74,223,744 votes and then takes the Electoral College by 306 to 232 votes, he won period. He not only won, he rolled over Donald J. Trump and America spoke, telling Trump, no more.

FACTS DO MATTER! In more ways than one, through speeches, actions, and words, Donald J. Trump did in fact call for people to storm the Capital, it is plainly seen in videos and speeches he gave himself publicly. Now privately there is more evidence coming forth, showing him talking to organizations about performing this storming of the Capital and asking and telling people they will need over 10,000 people to do so. These are facts folks, including the fact the man did not come up with a Covid-19 Plan or help to stem that virus, and is responsible for the high numbers now over four hundred thousand deaths from said virus. He can’t run from his failures as President, his failures in business are now catching up with him and his past crimes too. These are facts people!

Now, I know the Republicans want to stand up and cry foul, they want to cry he didn’t do it, the facts are he did. They want to avoid convicting him in a Senate Trial and hang onto him for some reason, what who the hell knows, except he created a large following of over 74,223,744 votes and they want to hold onto these people for use in the future elections of 2022 and 2024. I get it, but they must also face another fact, Donald J. Trump attacked his own country, he committed sedition and insurrection against his own government, by inciting these people to storm the Capital. He cared not what might happen, to the leaders of The House, Senate or even his own Vice President Pence. He refused to stop the whole thing by coming forward to just say, stop this, go home. Instead, Donald J. Trump sat in front of television screens in the White House and smiled and enjoyed the show. And The Republicans want to let him go free, without a conviction, to allow him to run for office again in 2024, are you kidding me?

FACTS MATTER FOLKS, The Senate Republicans must be forced to face the facts now! They are being just as stubborn and childish and petulant as Donald J. Trump was and is to this day. It’s, we didn’t win the election, so we will hold up everything we can and fight everything we can the Democrats and Biden put forward, to get even. It’s a childish display by them and they need to grow the hell up, right now. If they want to do something correct and good for the country, than, approve Biden’s Nominees, give him his cabinet, then hold the Senate Trial and do the first thing right you can do since 2016 as a Republican Party, Convict Donald J. Trump and insure he can never run for Federal Office again in his lifetime. Period

Lastly, let me say this on this matter, The Republicans seem to believe if they don’t convict Donald J. Trump it will help their efforts of 2022 or 2024 or both. It won’t, why because when America suffers, we remember, the memories stay in our minds and in our hearts as to who did it. we shall never forget the facts, nor will we ever forget how you Republicans are protecting a man who was a traitor to his own country, a seditionist and insurrectionist too. That stain is on the Republican Party, and unless the Republicans remove that stain by banishing Trump and convicting him in February of 2021, it will stick to them and the Republican Party will remain under his control, for future elections. Is that what you want Mitch McConnell, Howley, Cruz, and more? Is that where your at in all of this, your gonna protect Donald J. Trump from conviction, just to save his votes for future elections? Or to try to use that over 74 million votes he received for yourselves and screw what he did to America and it’s capital and its people? Is that it here?

For anyone with a brain, a mind of their own, and a heart that believes in America knows, Donald J. Trump is guilty of Sedition and Insurrection against the United States of America and should be banned from ever holding office again, stripped of his pension and benefits and banished from the American Political scene and world. Are you really going to sit there, and try to not convict this man, if so, then, you shall be convicted yourselves, of acts against your own Government and people.

It’s offensive to me, to even think you would even consider not convicting Donald J. Trump, why don’t you then just give a President a gun, and tell him he is judge and jury of all, go ahead kill who you want, to stay in power! People died, public property was destroyed, millions spent to re secure the Capital, damages totaling millions done and yet, you want to let this man who incited it all go? The Republican Party needs a turn over, a change then in leadership, they need to take down Mitch McConnell and his gang, and bring up new leaders with brains, balls and guts to stand and convict this man now.

It’s a sad show of extreme weakness on the part of The Republicans, if they don’t convict Donald J. Trump. It will also show how they are still in bed with him, as time goes forward and how much influence he still has over the Republican Party going forward. Instead of calling yourselves Republicans, just change the party name to Trumpkins! Or better yet cowards!

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