Americans need to wake up here and start to pressure their Senators to Convict Trump.

I have been watching the Senate, as it swore in all Senators for Donald J. Trump’s second Impeachment Trial. Now let me say something here, Americans need to wake up here and start to pressure their Senators to Convict Trump. Now, many will say as the Republicans are trying to that this Trial which will happen in not legal under the Constitution, that is false, first off and secondly, how can the Senate honestly not try and convict Donald Trump the evidence is clear as day out there. I have seen Senators like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Josh Howley, Marco Rubio, all stand up now and defend Trump and try to derail the trial before it begins. Sadly, what they can not predict and do not know, is the fact that Americans have seen all they are doing. Americans who voted for Joe Biden outnumber those who voted for Donald Trump, first off, secondly, the big problem is you Republicans are backing a guilty man in Donald J. Trump. The proof is in the pudding and the news and the reports and live television coverage not only of January 6th, 2021 but for months before, that date.

Pictures and words do not lie, Republicans, and while you believe this is an illegal trial, it is not and history shows that. Now, as we move forward with this Trial and your votes go on the official record of the Senate, for all of your constituents to see and history. Remember as you sit through this Trial, you swore to be an impartial juror in this case, and if you have already made up your mind, or have a personal interest in this case, or any association with those who committed this Insurrection by law you can not sit on this Juror by law. So, I am asking the senate asa body, to examine itself, and the man who will be the Judge seated for this Trial, to examine all Republican Senators for associations with Donald J. Trump, and to tell them they can not sit on this Jury.

Each Senator who has a personal association with Donald J. Trump, the groups or parties who where in the mob or running the mob on January 6th, 2021, should be recused from said Trial of Former President Donald J. Trump, for they can not be impartial anymore or at all.

For instance Senators, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Johnson and others must be recused from serving on this trial now! We can not get Justice if the trial or Jury is already rigged or determined before the evidence is presented or shown to all 100 Senators.

Too many Republicans, think Trump is above the law, or did not commit insurrection or incite the mob, that is a lie!. What disgusts me and many Americans who voted for Joe Biden and against Donald J. Trump wants is Justice, for all and to show no man, no matter his political affiliation, or position of Power is above the law in America. If the trial is already tainted before it starts, it is not a fair and impartial trial!

Sadly, the Senate is split 50/50 and we all know it!. What disgusts me more than anything, is the Republicans are still defending Trump, even after he put their lives at risk on January 6th, 2021. My question for all is this, and I think it should be asked of Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Josh Howley, Lindsey Graham, and now Rand Paul among more Republicans, How can you sit there and not Convict Donald J. Trump of sedition and Inciting a Mob when it is all plain, clear and on tape and film for all to see and hear, in Trump’s own voice and in person? Are you Republicans all telling us, if a Democrat did the same exact thing in his final months, weeks and days in Office as President you wouldn’t hold them responsible or convict them either? That is bullshit if that is what you are saying!

Because the Republicans are leaderless, lost and afraid of Donald J. Trump they are about to let him get away with Sedition and Inciting a Riot and the attack on the Capital, that is not only disgusting and in my opinion reprehensible, but sick! So, I want to tell the Republicans something, if the next President does the same and that President is not of your party, don’t even think of trying them or Impeaching them, for you are hypocrites then, in all ways. And you will not have any grounds to stand on if you dare to try it, for all of this will come back at you, double time! You are destroying the Democracy and Republic, you swore to protect and defend and that is sad as hell!

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