So, my question for the Republicans, where would the equality and justice be, if Trump goes free?

I was never and shall never be a supporter or believer in Donald J. Trump in anyway. That said, the question that comes to my mind is this, What are the Republicans and Mitch McConnell, so afraid of Trump for and what can Trump do to the Republican Party, since he is no longer, President?

The Republicans seem to be afraid of Trump, is it because he had 74 million voters behind him in the 2020 election and they need them to try to get back the White House and Senate and House?

If that is the case, they should also understand, a President twice Impeached, and going on trial again in the Senate is not very good for their political lives. Nor is an Ex-President, who incited insurrection any good for them, in anyway! Now, is it Trump’s ability to get funds through ads that they fear or what? What is the big fear regarding Donald J. Trump for the Republican Party and Mitch McConnell at this time? Someone please explain!

A debate will be held in the Republican Party soon as to whether to Convict or not Convict Trump of the final Impeachment Article now being placed before the Senate for Trial. Some will not move an inch and will support Trump no matter what, such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Howley and others. Lindsey Graham will stand behind Trump till his dying day from what I can tell, the question is what for?

The facts are the facts here, Trump spoke publicly, he called the crowd to Washington, he then directed them to the capital and even said he would join them on public television. Of course he never went along, but he incited the crowd to do the mob takeover of the Capital and sat back in the White House watching it on Television and smiling as he did, till his daughter was called in and told to tell him, to tell them to go home and stop. I remind you three people died, defending your asses senators on that day.

So, tell me Republicans why you believe a man so unstable, who held the Presidency, failed at everything he touched or tried to do, and incited insurrection against his own Government should be allowed to run for public office and do so again?

Explain that to me, Mitch McConnell, explain that to me, Republicans, please! Do you not understand the Oath of Office Trump took or you took, and that your job is to protect and defend the Constitution and country from foreign and yes, domestic attack? So, because Trump ran as a Republican, acted under the Republican Ticket and name as President, you are going to protect and defend him instead of the country and constitution you swore to protect? For what purpose, and do you really think the American People, who witnessed this, watched it on Television will easily forget it come election time 2022 and 2024? Tell me please!!!!

One last reminder here for the Republicans who back Donald J. Trump, the American People are watching, listening and paying attention. Also, remember The democratic voters who voted Biden in number over 80 million, and are watching closely too. Do you think we the over 80 million are going to sit back and ignore the fact, you let a Twice Impeached, twice tried Ex-President go scot-free and left him eligible to run again for public office and able to do it, all over once more? Answer your own question you must now answer if, he were a Democrat and did this would you let him go? Nope, you would work overtime to burn him at the stake and destroy him! So, my question for the Republicans, who say they believe in equality and justice for all so much, where would the equality and justice be, if Trump goes free, with no punishment and is allowed to run again?

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