To Senator Patrick Leahy, Pro Temp of the Senate and now the sitting Judge on this Impeachment Trial, Stop the Trial!

FEB. 12/2021- Today will be day four of the Trump Trial in the Senate for the second time in Trump’s 4 year Presidency. Now a little look back, at American History will tell all how big what is happening, really is.

There were only 2 Impeachments in American History before Donald J. Trump. Since Donald J. Trump that number has now doubled and they both are Trump’s. That should tell you something about the level of corruption, incompetence and intelligence of Donald J. Trump. They are not correct for this country in anyway, and neither is Donald J. Trump.

Sadly, the Republican Party has convince it’s members not to convict Trump, why and based on what I have no damn idea. But, I do know what happened yesterday, when 15 Senate Seats were empty during the Trial was wrong, as well as three Republican Senators, afterwards meeting with Trump’s Legal team to help that Legal Team was absolutely wrong!

Senators Cruz, Lee and Graham, all walked away and went into a meeting with Trump’s lawyers to help them come up with a strategy and plan to defend Donald J. Trump! Now I remind you, all one hundred Senators were sworn in to be Impartial in said Trial at it’s beginning. So how are Cruz, Lee and Graham being impartial now?

I want to tell the Republican Senate something, and i hope they are listening and all America sees this too. The Republicans can not be called the GOP anymore, they can not be called the Party of Lincoln anymore nor can they even be called the Party of Reagan anymore! What is happening is a predetermined farce and protection of Donald J. Trump by his sycophants. Period! They wouldn’t even sit for the evidence and listen to it fully, 15 left the room and then 3 Senators go and work with Trump’s Lawyers to defend him? What the hell is that folks?

Senator Patrick Leahy, must now listen to reason during this trial as the sitting Judge, and he must now examine and question the three Senators on the senate Floor before this goes any further. As the sitting Judge during the Impeachment Trial Senator Leahy has the power to halt the proceedings, and then openly question Senators Cruz, Lee and Graham, on their ability to be impartial! It is only fair to the American People that we know why three Senators, are working with Donald J. Trumps Lawyers to get him Acquitted?

I have watched this Impeachment Trial very closely, all I have seen presented and testified to, shows, Donald J. Trump abdicated his Presidential Duties, Planned and set up an Insurrection against America and Sedition too.

If Donald J. Trump is not found Guilty during this Impeachment Trial, the Republicans should know the American Public is watching it closely. The results will destroy the Republicans if Trump is allowed to go free and clear. Simple math Republicans should tell you this! So I wil spell it out for you here–The Electoral college voted- 306 to 232, in BIden/ Harris’s favor. The Popular vote was for Biden/ Harris by over seven million votes!

Now, let me tell you, those over eighty million voters are watching every minute of this trial!. So be aware that in 2022 or 2024 when your up for election again, you will be tinted and colored in Trump colors for all to see. This will stick with each and everyone of you in your own states and districts too. so be prepared to lose in your next election and change career paths.

Another nice fact here, you are losing Republicans members as they quit your party over this all in bunches and Republican Voters are leaving your party in big numbers. They can’t see how Republicans can back Trump and defend him in light of all the evidence and proof they have been shown!

If the Republicans do not vote to Convict Donald J. Trump in this trial, it will be shown as a farce, a game, on their part to position themselves and protect Trump is all and we the American People are watching and listening to every moment. How do you think we will react when you Acquit him?

To Senators Lee, Cruz and Graham, you should be excused and removed from the Jury in this Trial, you are not Impartial in anyway.

To Senator Patrick Leahy, Pro Temp of the Senate and now the sitting Judge on this Impeachment Trial, Stop the Trial, go to recease, and publically question Senators, Cruz, Lee and Graham on Television and in front of the rest of the Senate and ask them to explain how they can be Impartial and do their jobs as Senators if they are setting up a Defense with Trump’s Lawyers? Please!

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