02/13/2021_ Trump’s Trial continues!

In a surprising move today, The Senate Voted to call Witnesses in The Impeachment Trial of Former President Donald Trump ! This means the Trial will continue and agreements to call which Witnesses will have to be decided next. which means the trial will go on and the debate on Trump’s Guilt or Innocence will go on.

In my mind Donald J. Trump is Guilty As Hell, that’s my opinion of course. The real question is, now that these Senators have voted for Witnesses, how long will this take and who will be called to Testify, next?

Do they call not only this woman Herra- Butler, but also Kevin McCarthy, Mike Pence and others in the Trump White House / Administration? I believe they should follow the evidence where it goes and do the right thing and ban Trump from running for any Federal Office at the least, I believe he should be convicted period, but if the Senate refused to Convict him, we can not afford to have Trump running for any Federal Office ever again, he is dangerous, unstable, and a hazard to America as a Republic and Democracy! Disqualify him now at least!

Donald Trump was President he was kept informed of Pence’s status every moment during this event on January 6th, 2021. No sitting President is not informed and approached with Security Information, by Secret Service and The FBI and more! So Trump is lying, all know it firmly, what is amazing is the Lindsey Graham flip, once more! How many times, does graham flip from on side to the other and change his mind?

There are some Republicans with guts it seems now. The names are now out on who voted here and in the end Trump will probably attack all five of them in someway. Trump though, is at a loss with how to attack or go after these republicans for he is stripped of any major social media platform already. he would have to respond in a public statement on Television or in an interview to be heard. does he have the guts to say something and if he does how will the Senate react to him?

As CNN is now saying, The Senate has now entered the great unknown for sure! So where does the Senate go next and how fast can this trial end? If McCarthy is forced to testify it will lead to President trump Chief of Staff, The Vice President’s Chief of Staff and so many more including, former Trump Administration Members and Officials. How much will it take and how far do they go in this trial now? Which Witnesses, how will the Depositions be taken and be presented and how many of them will there be!

Trump’s Lawyers are a joke, they can’t call one hundred witnesses, the Senate will not allow that shit! It will only come down to pertient witnesses, allowed. McCarthy should be ready to testify in a Disposition, Pence, Trump’s Administration Members and more, they want the truth, we want the truth, so be prepared!

In the end, Trump has place to turn anymore. he has no place to hide, no place to run, he has no way to avoid the truth from coming out! So what will Trump do next, which way will he turn?

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