America has a Republic, it shall last only as long as we the people let it!

As Donald J.Trump was Acquitted yesterday I sat and shook my head! The Republicans knew he was guilty in all ways yet they let him off on a technicality, period. Sadly, now immediately after it was over Trump came right out saying his movement has just begun! Now what does the Republican Party do now and all of America too? How far will the American people let this man go and what will he do next?

February 13. 2021 will live as the day The Republican Party sold America down the tubes on a technicality! I hope they are happy now, when Trump comes storming back into prominence and takes over their party once more and tries to run once more. under their banner!

As for me. I don’t believe in Trump, his Maga bullshit, the Proud Boys, The Oathers or any of it, including Quanon! They are all right wing groups that encourage violence and takeover. anyone who believes in their bullshit it’s stupid and non-american in my book and that includes Trump!

That said, my Question for all Americans is this, Will America let Trump run again, will the Republicans allow him to control their party and them? How far will America and the Republicans allow Trump to go? This is the same pattern that Hitler followed in Germany, when he took control and drove them to nazism, folks, so I warn you don’t let him become a Dictator in America! Do we have any left in the Republican Party with enough brains and balls to stand up to Trump and stop him, in his tracks?

For me this will be the final blog I write regarding Trump’s Impeachments, yes I said Impeachments, two of them and two trials! The fact that Mitch McConnell, stopped the Trial from happening earlier and then cried about Trump not being in office to get him off, is sad and unbecoming of a Leader of any Party in American Politics. Then he gives a speech condemning Trump’s actions and speeches after it’s over and tries to justify it all, saying it didn’t belong in The Senate under impeachment proceedings. bullshit! The Republicans need to remove McConnell as their leader and find someone with a better brain and more balls than he has , period, in my opinion.

That said, let’s move on from the Impeachment mess we have lived through and move with Biden to stop Coronavirus, get the vaccines in arms and get jobs and our economy going once more. Lets repair the damages brought about by the last four years. Let’s do what is right, wear masks, social distance, get our vaccines on schedule and get along. Let’s create jobs, build again and make America what it once was, the leader in all, in all the world. we can’t change the past folks, or correct mistakes made by others, but we can build, and do better in the future as we go along! Yes that is where we should go, rebuild and make America, proud, strong, financially ready, create jobs, fight the coronavirus correctly and united as one, and put us back into the front positions of everything in the world.

Let’s fight Climate control also, as hard as we can, or there will be no planet for humankind to live on soon enough as we exhaust all of the resources it has created for us along the way. we are wiping ourselves out by destroying the planet we need to survive, I remind all, there is no other planet out there currently known to mankind, that will hold us as human beings with the same air and water we need to survive. we must save what we have if mankind will survive folks. If we don’t, well mankind can kiss itself goodbye within a few generations, we will be no more, just like Mars and our own moon, we shall be a husk of a planet.

Let me close with this, America was once the beacon of light, the leader of all that was good, from human rights, to leading in science, medicine and social rights, we were the leaders who led the way in World Wars, and in Peace, we must be that again if we wish to survive and keep planet earth and mankind going, for we see the future, we look ahead, and we are a Republic and Democracy run by the people and created by the people for the good of all Americans and the world. If we don’t return and lead the way, the world, it’s people, the climate will suffer for it and in the end mankind may die off or eventually, we shall be like the dinosaurs of old, extinct!

I remind everyone of what Ben Franklin said when the Declaration of Independence was signed and The Constitution, he proclaimed after it was all signed, America has a Republic, it shall last only as long as we the people let it!

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