So Republicans, how much longer are you attaching your wagon to the Trump train?

Any Republican who is a real conservative and a decent person, will be smart enough to stay away from a Twice Impeached President, who only served one term, is what I say!

Trump was Acquitted twice true, but, do Republicans really want to tie their wagons to his for 2022 and 2024, in the election cycles? You do know you are attaching yourself to the only President in American History to be twice Impeached, Twice tried for crimes against America in America’s History? Do you think seriously that the American People are going to forget all Trump did and the Insurrection he led too? Be Realistic folks!

I get it why people like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz and Howley are trying to stay with him for those 70 million voters who voted for him, but they better realize Trump’s supporters are decreasing daily, his followers are too,and on top of the The Republican Party is losing members, like water through a sieve!

The MAGA followers movement is not going to last. Members some them are waking up and realizing Trump is not in power anymore. They can’t roam the streets and incite riots anymore either, fun time is over. Things are getting serious as law enforcement is now searching down all the Leaders of the Insurrection and arresting and jailing them and they are now facing serious terms in prison some up to 25 years a shot! Trump won’t rescue them either, he can’t and won’t anyway, he got what he wanted out of The Oathers, The Proud Boys and his MAGA people and now he doesn’t care anymore, he failed at trying to stay in power! He sits in Mar A Lago, in Florida playing golf on his course as his followers who went to the Insurrection and did the job sit in jail cells or had to put up bail, to await trial.

Now let’s talk, Trump’s main friends whom he pardoned. Manafort was released on his pardon, but his life is ruined now and he won’t find any decent work. Roger stone is done too, he isn’t talking shit no more and is in hiding also. Rudy Giuliani just stopped representing Trump or Trump fired him and Rudy will be charged I am soon too. His fortunes will be gone fast with legal fees and more soon enough. What of steve Bannon who Trump pardoned also, he is still facing civil cases and charges from states, can trump help him anymore or any of them, nope, Trump is going broke also from all he did, no decent company wants to be associated with him or his company.

So someone tell me what drives Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Howley, Johnson and others to stick with Trump? Only one thing, they believe he can bring them votes is all, from his 70 million followers he had for his 2020 run! They think trump and his Maga Movement, is the way to go because he got the most voters for a Republican President and can do it for them. Like I said above MAGA followers are dropping in numbers slowly, Republicans are losing voters all the way around now people are running from the Republican Party because they are stained by all Trump did now. so what are these so called republicans following Trump for? You Tell me.

Donald J. Trump’s brand is diminishing daily, his money is dwindling also and soon enough his backers will too. So why follow a madman anyway, unless your a sycophant is what I ask? That is what Lindsey Graham is, he has flipped so many times, it islike he isona turnstyle, Ted Cruz has burned himself following Trump, ask his Texas citizens in his area. Howley burned himself too, and he knows it. so many shall now lose backing from supporters and voters as it goes on. So Why even care about Donald J. Trump?

Do these Republicans realize how History will paint Donald J. Trump? He is the worst President in American History, twice Impeached in one four year term. That is it folks, he failed at everything he touched or did. he can’t lead his way out of a damn paperbag and he destroyed America in one four year term. What a failure he is!

So Republicans, how much longer are you attaching your wagon to the Trump train? Until he drives you down the Grand Canyon of Hell I guess! Good Luck with that one!

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