So how many deaths is he responsible for Trump, you tell me?

Well, here is an idea for all Republicans, who can’t stand Donald J. Trump being in charge of their party, 1) Dump Trump, or 2) Create a new Party without Trump in it for Conservative Moderate Republicans.

Dumping Donald J. Trump is probably the best option here. If the Republican Party stays with Trump, you will lose in 2022 and 2024 never regaining any Senate seats or House seats. Believe it or not,Donald J. Trump is indeed the worst President in American History Number one, and number two, it is Trump who is causing so many Republicans to leave the party and go Independent. Unlike Lindsey Graham and others, many Republicans are distancing themselves from Donald J. Trump, why because he is a Two Times, Impeached President, who caused and incited the Insurrection and Sedition at the Capitol in Washington, DC. Now let me say this, his Maga followers and his Oathers, and Proud Boys and others will be there always because they are sycophants who don’t know better is all. He has them brainwashed and that’s it sadly.

Now I personally tired of these so called followers and MAGAs and others, because they follow blindly and are destructive and in the end very stupid in all they do. What I found sad was that some of these so called followers of Trump’s were and are ex-military members. I can’t believe how easily these people got duped into doing what Donald J. Trump wanted and attacked the Capitol as they did. Sadly it did happen though.

As they are rounded up and arrested and tried and convicted I hope they all remember who told them to do what they did in attacking our capitol. In the meantime, Donald J. Trump sits in Florida at Mar a Lago, playing golf and having a good time on tax payers money! That is about as sad as it can get in America! The ones arrested, face criminal charges and civil suits and time in jail if convicted and they don’t realize they are paying, not Donald J. Trump, he is getting away with it all.

Now, my question is this, will any of the people being charged that did the actual attack on the capital, realize they gave up, up to 25 years of their lives for Donald J. Trump to attempt to stay in power? Do they have the guts to tell Judges and Prosecutors who sent them these to do what they did and that it was Donald J. Trump as President who did it? If they can show proof, then Donald J. Trump can be arrested, charged and convicted and he should be!

So now we have to wonder, why Donald J. Trump did not stockpile vaccines or dispense them as fast as possible too. So many have died from Covid-19 now and Trump did nothing to get a plan in place or impliment one either! How many deaths are the direct result of his inability to act and manage this pandemic? Parents, grandparents and yes, now even some children died from this covid-19 virus as, Trump did not act, so how many deaths is he responsible for you tell me?

One last thing I will say here, have you noticed that sanity has returned to the American Government once more now that Biden is President? Have you noticed how the vaccines are now being dispensed more then before? So you tell me why, Trump couldn’t do what Biden is doing now? Just asking!

That said, as we move forward we have to wonder why Trump never got the vaccines out for Covid-19, never ordered enough and wonder how many deaths he really is responsible for ?

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