Will Any Republicans step up, stand up and save the Republican Party or will it go down the tubes? You Tell me Folks!

Supreme Court allows access to Donald J. Trump’s tax returns as of today! According yo those who have seen them, he is in deep debt, and desperate. in all matter financial. This doesn’t surprise me, for I have friends who lived in New York and know about Trump. When he got elected President they said he was a piece of work and worthless and not worthy of the position, They also said he would wreak havoc on the country if elected, he did.

The real question is now that Prosecutors have access to his taxes what wil they do with them and wil he get charged for tax evasion in any way?

What of the women he touched and raped? Wil their civil suits go forward and will he be arrested and charged for what he did to all of them? He has no more Presidential Protections now and he should pay for lal he did.

What of the damages to the Capital from his Insurrection and sedition against our government? He incited it, he drove them to the capital and in the end they did it for him at his directions and request. he failed of course to overturn the election in anyway and Americans voted him out of office, but, he had no business doing what he did and is responsible for all of that which occurred on January 6th, 2021. Those who did it for him are paying in court costs, legal fees and facing charges that may put them away for up to 25 years, do they want Trump not to join them and to let him get away with all he did? We shall see as they come up in courts and face the charges against them.

Why are Republicans still attaching themselves to a Twice Impeached ex-president who lost, in such a big way? Remember Trump lost by over seven million popular votes and he lost in The Electoral College by a 306-232 margin. he also lost control of The Senate for The Republicans and The House too. So why are these Republicans so scared of Donald J. Trump? Do the Republicans know that because of Trump, many are leaving their Party and becoming Independents out there, and saying Trump is the reason they are! so their rank and file members are saying goodbye to the Republican Party now, so what do the Republicans do, still hang their hat on Trump, your kidding right? I guess there is the old factor of the sycophants never knowing what their leader is really doing and blaming everyone else except who they should, TRUMP!

I remind all Republicans and ask them, is this really Lincoln’s or Reagan’s party anymore? Is this really the Republican Party of Conservatives like them anymore, what would John McCain say now? What happened to the Law and Order Republicans, The Financial Conservative Republicans? Are there any republicans left with any brains, common sense and logic, I think not, by their kowtowing to Trump they make themselves look like idiots! It’s sad to see full grown adults act like little kids, kissing daddy’s ass to get what they want now!

Will Any Republicans step up, stand up and save the Republican Party or will it go down the tubes? You Tell me Folks!

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