Advice for new writers and life too!

Life can bring a person many things, to write about, from life’s experiences. We all live them, but can we make stories out of them or even just tell the truth? We all know the story of our births and the lives we lived, growing up, they can be books, alone. So what do writers, do when they wish to just write and tell stories? Some parts of stories no matter how wild, or different or unusual they may be, are indeed based on real life, experiences. Other are just made up out of the blue, so what makes a story good or able to be sold?

They can be mysteries, dramas, biographies, comedies even, but they have to stay together and have a plot , it has to hold a person’s interest and be widely liked, for subject matter. It has to have characters, who are realistic, in someway and interact with one another. The dialogue must sustain the story line, and each conversation must align with the story plot. Now the overall story can be about anything you wish, it can be animated characters, real ones or made up ones, of any kind, like animals or space beings. Each subject, must be carefully followed, to link it all.

I recommend writing the idea down first, quickly, as it hits you. Sketch it out first, then outline it. Once you have an outline, outline the characters too. Now once you know your characters and what they are capable of or may do or not do, you are ready to go to the beginning of writing your story. At least in the way I like to do it all. You may do it on the fly and try to make it that way but, in my opinion you will fail, in completing it. Why, because you will be all over the place with it and have to rewrite it a million times.

Now one thing I will tell all, who like to write and think they are good with it, you need to be determined that’s number 1, number 2 once determined you must stick with it to the end Number 3 be prepared to edit it well, and then package it in manuscript format, if unsure what that format is, you can call a Publisher or editor in. The editor will help with spelling, and much more, such as proofreading. The Publisher will only read it if you write, a finely worded Introduction Letter and a Synopsis of the story. so look up how to do that, before you try to send a manuscript of the final story, to anyone.

I say all of this, to whoever writes for a reason, I have written many stories and turned them into short books on Amazon, and I failed, because, I, myself did not compile them correctly, or create decent covers or spell check and edit them correctly. It takes patience, it takes effort and it takes time. If you don’t have those and persistence you will not sell one, to anyone out there. I know, I failed.

Ask any Author or writer, they will tell you all of the above too. They will also tell you what they went thru, made them pull their hair out, exhausted them and they bled words onto the pages,and was not easy work, to get it done. Rewrites, rereads, will be numerous, there is always something to change, but make sure it stays within the story, it’s plot line and the characters you developed.

The best advice, I can give anyone wishing to sell or write a book or story, is one I was given by my step-father who, I called Dad, all his life. He said, ” If you put your mind to it, you can do anything, stick with it, follow through and in the end, you will accomplish it.” So do what my dad said and what I am giving you for advice, stick with it, reach out for help when needed, but never give up, you will get there! If you never complete ut, you will regret it later, so go all out, and use all your will to finish. For whatever it is your writing is worth it, to you and anyone else who may read it, if it isn’t, then why write it right?

I hope this will help some writers out there, who are frustrated, or feel they are not good enough. You are good enough, you can do it and if you stick with it, you will sell it to someone, somewhere. I hope it helps the new and the frustrated writer out there for I will keep going myself, come along and do it, for we all deserve to be heard, read and to entertain others with our words and experiences and imaginations.

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