Leadership, what it means to us all!

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barrack Obama, all ignore Trump, they don’t want to associate with him and they don’t ask or include him in anything they do together. so my question for Trump Supporters is this, ever wonder why?

You will hear the four Ex-Presidents, speak about the coronavirus, fighting it, masking up, social distancing, and everyone getting vaccinated, but nowhere is Trump. He even hid the fact from the American People, he and his wife got vaccinated in the White House before leaving office. Why would a President do that, simple he’s a selfish man, who caused the attack on the capital, he committed sedition and insurrection against America and its people. And history shall paint Donald J. Trump as the worst President in American History forever more period.

President Biden, has tripled the manufacturing of Vaccines, he has tripled the actual shots in Americans arms, he has lowered the death rate from the virus and the hospitalizations too. he has now passed a Relief Package to help fight the virus, help the economy and so much more in just a little over 50 days. Trump had from January of 2020 or december of 2019 till the election of 2020 and his departure to help and did not a damn thing right. Explain that Trumpers!

Explain why those who stormed the capital in Trump’s name and waved his banners and wore his hats, are now in court fighting for their freedom, and being convicted too, and Trump sits in Florida not helping them? These Maga, Qanoon and other followers who heard Trump’s call and did what he wanted, have to face the legal charges alone now, as Trump smiles and collects money for himself, from his supporters, it’s sad to see. And what is worse is they keep sending him donations, and he is using that money not for political campaigning, but to try and pay off his own debts he incurred in his failing businesses. Are you people so stupid you can’t see this, do you really think a twice impeached, failure of a President will ever get elected again, wake up, it’s not gonna happen Trumpers!

Can the American People tell the difference between the Presidents, yes they can, they know who helped them, who supported America and who didn’t ! I am watching the series on Lincoln on CNN, LIncoln gave all andmade the roughest decisions in american history to save this Union and Country. he suffered for it and even died to preserve it, and all should watch this series it’s great. It shows the Pressures and decisions an American President must make not for himself but for his country. It shows you what Carter, clinton, Bush and Obama did for America and what Trump failed to do, Unite, not divide, help not hurt, and keep alive the American Dream. To improve the country, react to disasters and pandemics and in the end work for the betterment of all Americans on our soil. Presidents are elected to represent the people, to guide us in positive directions, to help us in our hour of need, to lead not defeat America! President are leaders, Trump wasn’t, he was selfish, and only worried about his cronies and friends, not you or me. His days are done and they will never return!

God Bless America folks , may we recover and overcome from the Coronavirus, may jobs return, may people get the help they need. may the deaths and hospitalizations end. may we return to the country we were, leading and inventing and progress toward where we belong, the Greatest nation on the Planet!

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