The Good Lord lets us, his reasoning of why he put us here, are his only to know, not ours.

Ok, April 8th, 2021, Melinda is coming out of Mt. Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital, to Autumn Lake, At Buck’s Hill. in Waterbury, CT. , after three weeks. Her condition is better as far as I can tell. She has her cognitive functions returning, and her right leg has some functions. She has feeling in her leg and can move it some. It’s been a long haul since March 13th, 2021, folks.

Her new location was agreed on between myself and her daughter for her. All reports and reviews show it is a decent facility and I hope, it will do her justice.

I will be hoping they allow visitors for the patients, on a daily basis, at least two hours a day. That way I can visit her on a regular basis, and I hope they will allow rotation of visitors so her daughter can see her too as she works to come home.

There are always doubts in these cases of injuries of this kind, which include a brain bleed and loss of physical prowess or functions. There will be a lot of physical therapy for her to go through, and the rehabilitation process will continue in full swing.

As to anything else around the home< I am doing all I can to clean it up and keep it functioning in full mode. Havening been married for 21 years, it is hard at times to figure out the bill paying process and how to keep track of it on my own, but I am doing it. Each day, without her is long, boring and in the end a big house is no compensation for having someone who shares it with you. A house is only a home when you have someone you love with you to enjoy it, otherwise it becomes a large mausoleum, like an empty space that echos, when you speak. And you don’t speak really, no one to talk to anymore. I speak to the cats we have, or on the phone to someone, or sometime son the internet to people I know. Life is not the same when a spouse goes down in a terrible fall like this.

So, I shall continue on, and pray and hope she can come home soon. If not, I also have to mentally prepare myself for that possibility. So, I clean up the garbage in the house maintain what I can, do the functions to survive and pray daily. If anymore is expected from me I have no idea, I try to work in my own medical appointments and problems as I go along. There is no guarantee on anything, these days, money fluctuates, time moves on and you end up struggling by in a lonely state. Maybe, it’s what God has intended to happen is what you start thinking, and you do the best you can holding on to hope it can change back to what it was somewhat. As time rolls along, you stop and wonder is your me, will she come home, is so when? If , not when will I be told that, and what can I do on my own once that is told to me?

Anytime a spouse goes down, you wonder, you worry, you pray and you struggle the best you can to carry-on. Life is not about how much money you have folks, it not about what you own or how much, it’s about the ones you love and want near, it about the interactions, the caring, the loving and the worrying! Never forget, life is not good alone for anyone, but when you been in a relationship for along time, you no longer worry about yourself, but you do worry about your spouse, lover and friend, always.

Life has no easy answers folks, it has no easy way out or solutions to all that occurs. So, what does one do, they carry-on the best they can and pray for changes for the better in their lives. we all survive because The Good Lord lets us, his reasoning of why he put us here, are his only to know, not ours.

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